Four Generations Celebrate a Graduation

By Aaron Eberle
On Sunday, May 22, Edgemont High graduation was held. Baccalaureate 2 p.m., while graduation started at 3 p.m.
The highlight of graduation, besides sending eight bright young people off to their futures, was the honoring of Edgemont’s oldest and youngest living alumni within the same family.
Caroline Curl, 102, got the rare privilege of watching her great-grandson, Dustin graduate. Sue Hendricks, took the time to make some glowing remarks about Caroline.
When Edgemont had it’s Centennial year in 1990, Caroline was instrumental in getting the history book put together. Hendricks commented that it was a pleasure to work with Caroline during this time. Caroline worked tirelessly so the history of the Edgemont school and community would not be lost.
Sunday marked a rare thing - not only were the oldest and youngest living alumni from the same family in the building, but four generations attended or graduated Edgemont within the same family. Great-grandma Caroline graduated in 1932, while her son and Dustin’s grandpa, John, didn’t quite make graduation, but would have graduated in 1956. John attended until his junior year. Jim, Caroline’s grandson and Dustin’s dad, was a 1981 graduate of Edgemont High, while Dustin walked the hallowed halls for the last time on May 22.
Although 84 years had passed since Caroline’s own graduation, she is still very fond of her memories at Edgemont High. Caroline commented that even though many things have changed since she has went to school, she is still very proud of the students.
Caroline remembered that there was more students, they had a good band, they played 11 man football and won games. The football team always came home with a sportsmanship trophy.
Caroline is proud that there has been many capacities served - doctors lawyers, great educators - every walk of life as they left home. One student even served as an ambassador for Turkey after leaving Edgemont.
Caroline thinks there are so many talented students in the small group that just graduated. She also commented that she was very surprised with her honor and that the help she did with the history book was just because she wanted Edgemont to have a celebration. She would do it all over again. Graduation was a celebration for her too.
Most Edgemont people have fallen in love with Dustin’s singing voice. Caroline reminisced that Dustin’s singing reminded her of her dad, Frank. Frank had a great voice as well and Frank was always singing around the farm. Caroline chuckled and said “You could always find dad on the farm by his singing.”
Caroline commented that is was very special for her and her family to be honored in such a way. “Hendricks said so many nice things about me. I knew the family was going to be there, but wasn’t expecting the honor. I was really surprised.”

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