City Council Meeting was held

By Aaron Eberle
Edgemont city council held its regular meeting on April 19.
New deputy, Steve Yenulonis, gave the law enforcement report (see page 7).
Mayor Carl Shaw stated that Dustin Dale from AE2S will be coming to the next council meeting to discuss the progress. He also contacted Vince Logue to see about the progress on the vandalism in town.
During the public comment section of the meeting, Jeff Woodward stated that he would like to get put on the schedule for getting the roof repaired at his shop. He would also like the rock in the back lot removed.
Heidi McBride, representing the Ambulance District, approached the council about the possibility of trading 100 feet on the new lot for the new ambulance barn. McBride stated that they would basically want to trade the west 100 feet for the east 100 feet (on the other corner of the block).
The water deposit on residential rental properties will be raised from $100 to $125. This would be for people that are paying utilities on the houses that they have rented from another owner in town. With the increase in water bills, this will help to cover costs if somebody leaves town without being current on their bill.
Todd Meierhenry was to attend the meeting to speak on bond counsel. Shaw stated that Meierhenry, due to scheduling conflicts, was unable to attend. Shaw thought that Meierhenry would be at the next regular meeting instead.
The next regular meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3, at City Hall.

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