‘Hilarious’ melodrama highlights 20th season of Edgemont Theatre

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Jerusha Jones (Aunt Dee Caff) and Teal Koller (Mayor Honey Coffey) in a scene from the play “The Pony Expresso...or The Villain Came to a Grinding Halt”.


EDGEMONT – The Edgemont Theatre celebrates their 20th season of performances with The Pony Expresso…….or the Villian Came to a Grinding Halt by Rachel Davidson. Dates for performances are: July 22, 23 , 24 and 30 starting at 8 p.m. each evening. Dinner will be served on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 7:00 p.m. Cost is $40.00 for dinner and theatre, $8.00 for theatre only and $7.00 for senior citizen and student.

Following is a synopsis of the production:

“Rise and shine! This hot cup of a melodrama is running over with puns and jokes throughout! The Pony Expresso, a friendly establishment run by Star Bright and Aunt Dee Caff, is struggling due to competition that has emerged from the scheming Mo Cabana and Fifi Latte. An inexplicable fainting disease plaguing the local citizenry becomes the focus of Buck Brawn, the handsome hero who bravely investigates the mysterious health dilemma. Everything comes to a head when Mo and Fifi hear that Star and Dee are destined to become rich as the railroad plans to make the Pony Expresso the new train station! Will the two villians find a way to take over the Pony Expresso or will justice prevail? Come watch the production to find out. This wild melodrama has the ultimate blend of fun characters!”

 Directed by Suzanne Hollenbeck, along with the set crew of Linda Tidball and Lizzy Tidball, following is a list of the local cast:

Dee Caff - Jerusha Jones

Star Bright - Dr. Olivia Lakatosh

Buck Brawn - Hunter Hollenbeck

Barb Dwyer - Savannah Simmons

Honey Coffee - Teal Koller

Spice - LuJean Haskavitz

Sugar - April Ortle

Palamino Polly - Katie Brunson

Mo Cabana - Shane Miller

Fifi Late - Samantha Miller

Doc Caupacino - Dustin Ross

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