Election Candidates for Fall River County and Statewide

Below is a list of people that we will be voting on in the primary election this spring or general election this fall. Some will automatically go through to the general election, as they are the only candidate on the list.
In the County Commisioner race, there are three spots open. Each spot is a four year term. Adam Heath, Democrat, will automatically go to the general election. In the republican race, the following names will be on the primary ballot:
Joe Allen
Jeffrey Shannon
Edward Harvey
Ann Abbott
Raymond Palmer
Paul Nabholz
Benjamin Tubbs
In the State’s Attorney race, both candidates will go automatically to the general election. They are Patrick Ginsbach, Democrat and James Sword, Republican.
The treasurer candidate, Kelli Rhoe, Republican run unopposed and will go onto the general election. The Coroner position is the same. Donna Behrens, Republican is the only person on the list.
In the primaries for State Representative, Sandy Arseneault and Kristine Ina Winter will be running on the democrat ticket. 

Julie Frye-Mueller, Marilyn J Oakes, Richard Mounce, Travis Lasseter and Tim R. Goodwin will be running on the republican ticket.
Karla R. LaRive is the only democrat running for state senator. Lance Russell and Bruce Rampelberg will be running for the republican party for state senator.

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