Grocery Store Committee Dissolves

Approximately 15 years ago Edgemont was looking at being without a grocery store to service its area citizens. Many were concerned about the future of Edgemont and the impact that would be caused by not having this service. So a group of area residents gathered and formed the Edgemont Development Association (The Grocery Store Committee) to look into options of filling that need.
During the process it was decided to remodel an existing building, purchase equipment and sell the business to an individual to own and operate the business. Many area residents purchased Edgemont Development shares to initially fund the project. It was a long process and many volunteer hours were donated to bring the vision to fruition. The store was sold and opened in 2003. Since that time the store’s location has changed, but Edgemont still has a grocery store to service its residents.

With the purpose of the original scope of the Association being met, we have now decided to dissolve the Association and donate any remaining funds to a local and equally important organization. Discussion was held as to where the funds should go to that fills a need of the community and would benefit everyone in the area. It was decided to donate the remaining funds to the Edgemont Ambulance District for the purpose of helping them fund the construction of their new ambulance building.
Through cost saving and interest earned on the contract for deed in the sale of the grocery store, the Association had approximately $58,000 remaining that was donated to the District. We felt that having an ambulance service available to our area was a necessity and would benefit all area residents.
With the deterioration of the existing ambulance building and the future needs of the ambulance personnel the Edgemont Ambulance District has decided to construct a new building. We hope and encourage the residents of the Edgemont area will support their project as much as they helped to support.
If you have any questions on our decision, please feel free to contact any of the following Edgemont Development Association Board of Directors:
Kenneth Barker, President
Jim Miller, V.P
Heidi McBride, Treasurer
Stephanie Stevens, Secretary
Peggy Porter
Clova Wasserburger
Franklin Manke

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