Art Fair displays wide variety of student talent and creativity at Edgemont School

In addition to the art work on display, the event included Senior Project exhibits, and performances by the High School Choir. (Photo by Eric Harrold/Fall River County Herald-Star)


By Eric Harrold

 Staff Writer

EDGEMONT – On Monday, April 26, the 29th annual Art Fair was held at Edgemont School. The school started the Fine Arts Fair nearly 30 years ago to showcase the students’ talent in the arts to the community.

“This is my 4th year teaching at Edgemont School and my 3rd year putting on the art fair!” said Mycalynn Cortney, K-12 Art Teacher who also teaches Special Education.

The High School Choir and Band students performed select solos and ensembles throughout the entire show. The Seniors’ display their senior projects for the visitors to see and talk about the process. They worked on their projects throughout the year beginning back in September.

Cortney said their projects are based on their personal interests and can benefit the community, with judging conducted by local community members during the Art Fair. She added that they have a faculty advisor from the school and a community mentor that they do not know personally to help them throughout their project.

Students from grades Kindergarten through 12th grade have artwork in the show if they are enrolled in an art class. Art projects collected and saved from the beginning of the school year until the day of the art fair. Students were finishing projects the day of the showcase to get them displayed.  This year, I have taught over 125 students in the school and each student had at least 2-5 projects in the show.

The elementary students’ projects focus a lot on getting them used to working with different materials and stepping into the art world. We tend to focus on learning about the Seven Elements of Art and creating projects influenced by those. They have created projects such as Claude Monet Lily Pads, Art books, Van Gogh Sunflowers, Fall Tree Collages, Story of My Name Portraits, Out of This World Crystals, and more.

The middle school students focus more in depth on the Elements of Art and various Artists and using those to create projects. They have created Perspective Names/ Cities, Watercolor Stained-Glass Paintings, Realistic Clay Food Items, M. C. Escher Tessellations, Watercolor Koi Fish, Pop Art Selfies, Shattered Value Drawings and much more.

The high school students have worked on a variety of projects based off the Principles of Design and the Elements of Art. They get to experiment with different types of media such as plaster, clay, Charcoal, and more. They have completed projects such as Charcoal Self Portraits, American Gothic Parodies, Symbolic Name Designs, Plaster Mask Paintings, and a variety of other projects.

Cortney was pleased with this year’s event and indicated that a lot of credit was owed to students, staff, and parents of Edgemont School. “The students have created wonderful works of art that filled this year’s show,” said Cortney. “I am very proud of my students this year and how much they have accomplished in our classroom. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to showcase their talent to the community and spread the message that you do not have to be good at art to be an artist, you just have to put effort into your creations and open your mind to new ideas.”

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