Marlous Stevens Teaching Ceramics for 32 years

By Barb Strozewski
Marlous Stevens was born in Britton, S.D., in 1944. The family moved to Edgemont in April of her 7th grade year because her father was beginning his job at the uranium mill in Edgemont. She graduated from Edgemont High School in 1962.
She married Ed Stevens in 1964 and they had three children; Randy, Ron and Bob.
Even though she had a family to raise, she found time to offer classes in ceramics.  The class first started out in the basement of her ranch home in Red Canyon. Then they moved to a building on Main Street known as the Mrs. Kirby Sewing Shop.
Later, they moved to the building diagonally across Main Street from Nuts and Bolts, formerly known as Sassys, Remember When, and now The Junkologist. The final move came when Marlous took over the ceramics class being taught at the Senior Center by Agnes Scott who was ready to retire.
Marlous is a constant  one day a week for many women who want to create a piece of art, visit, laugh and enjoy time together.
All through the changes of moving from place to place, Marlous kept her eye on her goal.
“I wanted to teach women about ceramics and help them reach the artist within,” she said.
A large selection of bisque (piece of greenware) in the back room of the senior center includes bowls, nature statues, animals, different kinds of holiday decorations and yard ornaments. The kiln sets in the back with all the greenware. There are bowls, nature statues, animals, all types of holiday decorations and yard ornaments.
The group meets on each Wednesday of the month from 1-4 p.m.
“Come join us, make some great memories, and create something from the tip of your very own paintbrush, she added.”
Along with ceramics she started the Christmas bizarre which she did for 26 years.
For more information on the ceramic classes, call Marlous at 662-7563.

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