City Council Holds Regular Meeting 2-25-16

By Aaron Eberle
The Edgemont City Council met on Tuesday, February 16, at 7 p.m.
Deputy Josh Buckwheat gave the law enforcement report (see page 7). Buckwheat also stated that a new deputy has been hired and will star his field training soon. He will live in Edgemont.
Jerry Kellogg offered the city some old rock and concrete blocks. Jerry had purchased the old grocery store next to his Nuts and Bolts some time ago. It has been in the process of being tore down for a while.
Kellogg wanted to donate the old rubble to the city. He had heard that they may be in need of some material to put in the lagoon. The city approved this if they could get the material in a timely and inexpensive manner.
Dustin Aldrich wants to rent a portion of what used to be the Kustom Kraft building. Aldrich will start a small business called Southern Hills Tractor Repair.
Aldrich would like to try the business for the month of March to see how it will go. He is prepared to pay a rental fee and has insurance in place. The board approved this venture.
The board approved Shirley Horton, Bev Carlson, Judy Porter and Gay Darrow to serve on the elections board this spring. They also approved to extend the Sander Sanitation contract for three years.
In other news:
The city will advertise for a summertime position. For now they plan on just hiring one, but will hire two if need be.
Teresa Goodroad was hired on a contract to clean City Hall and the park in the summer. Goodroad will be paid $250 per month.
Judy Porter has resigned from the Library Board of Trustees. Amanda West was approved to take Porter’s place.

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