Four candidates unopposed in upcoming city election

By Eric Harrold

Staff Writer

EDGEMONT – In this year’s Edgemont city election, only the mayoral race and a city council seat in Ward 2 are competitive races, as four city council candidates will be running unopposed for the other vacant seats. City elections will be held on Tuesday, April 13.

In the race for Edgemont Mayor, incumbent Carla Schepler is facing a challenge from Junior Harper. Schepler has lived in Edgemont for 36 years and is employed by Yesway Foods as a meat cutter. Harper previously lived in Edgemont for nine years, before moving to California in 2015. Harper moved back to Edgemont this past August.

Both candidates for the two vacant city council seats in Ward 1 are unopposed. Cindy Millburn has been a resident of Edgemont for 8.5 years and is retired from a career in small business work. Bill Bethel is the other candidate in Ward 1, and has lived in Edgemont for seven months. Bethel is a retired network engineer.

In Ward 2, an intense race is anticipated between Carl Shaw and incumbent Bob Worden. Shaw is a retired signal maintainer with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and has lived in Edgemont since 1974. He has also served as Mayor of Edgemont previously. Current councilman Worden was employed as a railroad engineer from Burlington Northern Santa Fe and DME Railroads and has lived in Edgemont for 32 years.

Both candidates vying for the two empty seats in Ward 3 are running unopposed and include Lorie Wieser, who has lived in Edgemont for eight years. Wieser is retired from a career in small business management. The other candidate is incumbent Roger Horton, who has lived in Edgemont for 30 years and is retired from BNSF as a railroad engineer.

Watch for profiles of each candidate in an upcoming edition of the Fall River County Herald-Star.

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