City Council Discusses Neighborhood Watch Programs; Hears Budget Requests

By Anne Cassens
The Edgemont City Council met last Tuesday, August 5, with all members present and about fourteen members of the public in attendance.
The city began Budget Request Hearings which accounted for most of the public in attendance.
Sandra Woodward reported for the Public Works Committee, updating the council on the projects in progress.  She stated that the water leak on A Street which was “patched” last winter will be completely repaired in the near future.  They are considering covering the windows in the former Cactus Hills (old hospital) building so that no more windows get broken out.  Barb Strozewski asked if the city could put more mag water on the dusty streets.  Mayor Carl Shaw stated that the cost of mag water prohibits use on a larger scale.
Public Works Foreman Junior Harper and City Engineer Mike Koopman were absent and did not have reports.
Animal control officer Brent White reported there were nuisance calls on three dogs, two cats, one horse, one coon and three deer in the past month.  Only one dog was temporarily sheltered at city expense.
Barb Strozewski reported that she and Carla Shepler have begun discussing a Neighborhood Watch program.  This idea met with mixed reactions from the council and the public.  Fire department representative Nate Cortney stated that anyone involved needs to be properly trained and that there are programs available for training.  Any  such program would need to be done with the full cooperation of the Sheriff’s department.  Cindy Turner informed the audience that grants are available for this.  The curfew was discussed: council members believe there is a 10 p.m. curfew for residents under 18 which is not being enforced.  There are reportedly groups of teens driving around in the middle of the night playing hide and seek in vehicles with no lights on.
Budget requests from various community organizations and city departments were heard and were as follows:
Southern Hills Economic Development (Cindy Turner) $5000.
Edgemont Transportation Bus (Betty Patrick) $1250
Edgemont Senior Center (Betty Patrick) $1500
Edgemont Area Chamber of Commerce $10,000.
Edgemont Volunteer Fire Department (Nate Cortney) $13,000 plus utilities and insurance
Edgemont Area Historical Society (Darrel DuToit) $3000
Edgemont Beautification (Echo Brosmire) $1000
Neighborworks (Tammy Biller) $500
Edgemont Library (Ashley Cortney) $11,000 plus salaries/benefits.
YMCA (Katie Darrow) No dollar amount listed but requested that the city consider some improvements to the bathroom/storage building at the south ballfields as the building continues to fall apart;  and reports that the swimming pool lighting needs repaired or replaced.
In addition, Cindy Turner introduced Amanda Brengle, who is the new full time executive director for Southern Hills Economic Development.  Brengle will replace Turner who has been working part time.
Also, Nate Cortney announced for the Chamber of Commerce that the board has just hired a new executive secretary, Karen White, and that the Chamber office will be moving to the Gun Vault building.

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