Hayford, Herrington in court proceedings last week

By Eric Harrold

Staff Writer

EDGEMONT – Lonnie Gene Hayford , 44, of Edgemont, plead guilty to a Class 6 felony for two counts of simple assault on law enforcement on Friday, Jan. 29, in Fall River Circuit Court.

One count stemmed from an arrest back on Dec. 1, when Hayford was confronted inside 105 N. Washington Street in Edgemont for which he had been issued a no-trespass order. Hayford resisted arrest and struck Fall River County Deputy Isnalawica when the officer attempted to apprehend him. The second charge came when Hayford assaulted Fall River Sheriff’s Office Deputy Thomas McMillan back on July 29 of last year. His sentencing date is March 12 with Hayford being placed under a $10,000 cash assured bond.

Deborha Herrington, also of Edgemont, was sentenced to five years in the state penitentiary at Pierre by Circuit Court Judge Joshua Hendricksen for probation violations which included failure to appear and follow instructions given to her by her probation officer.

Her attorney, Chris Beasley, had requested one more chance at probation rather than to sentence her to a prison term. Fall River County State’s Attorney Lance Russell reminded the judge that Herrington had been before him two weeks prior and that the judge had warned her to fulfill all of her conditions of probation between the 12th and the 29th of the month or it would make his job easier the next time she appeared before him.

Herrington requested the court’s mercy due to her father’s illness. Judge Hendricksen responded to her that it was unfortunate that she was in the situation at present, but told her that it was of her own doing. 

“You seem to have an excuse for everything,” the judge told her.

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