Hot Springs armed robbery case set for trial

By Eric Harrold

 Staff Writer

HOT SPRINGS – In a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, Jan. 27, in the 7th Judicial Circuit, Judge Scott Bogue bound over the armed robbery case against Cody Richard Lien for Circuit Court proceedings. Clerk of Courts Magistrate Tammy Grapentine set bail at no bond with the conditions that Lien not return to the Corner Pantry at 740 Battle Mountain Avenue and have no contact with Marie and Tonita Carpenter.

Last Wednesday, the court heard testimony from Tonita Carpenter who was working her shift at Corner Pantry at the time of the incident on Dec. 15. Carpenter testified that Lien exited the Corner Pantry with three cases of beer without rendering payment. Carpenter and her wife Marie left the store in pursuit of Lien, who she said pulled out a handgun when she approached him. Upon seeing the weapon, the two women backed off and called 911.

In her primary report, Captain Jennifer Winscot of the Hot Springs Police Department stated that she and Fall River County Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Maciejewski confronted Lien shortly after the incident at the Skyline Motel, located at 1145 Sherman Street on the north side of town. They attempted to apprehend Lien, who was yelling and screaming at them, leading the officers to suspect that he might have been under the influence of controlled substances given his irrational behavior and utterance of incoherent statements. Lien fled the scene in the direction of Dollar Inn, eluding the officers due to darkness and the tree line through which he was moving. Lien was later sighted again off Main Street behind the Flat Iron and was pursued up a hill where he disappeared onto Veterans’ Administration property. VA police became involved in the pursuit and stated that they were tracking Lien down the creek and lost track of him. Winscot stated in her report that she believed that Lien was picked up by a vehicle at this time.

Shortly after 9 p.m., three days later on Friday, Dec. 18, officers from the Hot Springs Police Department and Fall River Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on 1420 Germond Street where they were successful in apprehending Lien who was attempting to hide back in a bedroom of the residence. It was at this time that Lien, when asked to identify himself, told officers that his name was “Brandon Larsen”. After Lien was informed that he was being detained, he gave officers his correct middle name when asked, which is “Richard”. One of the arresting officers observed a tattoo on his neck and informed dispatch that Lien had been apprehended.

On Friday, Dec. 18, Lien was arraigned by Circuit Court judge Joshua Hendricksen. He pled not guilty and was scheduled for further proceedings in Circuit Court in February. Currently, Lien is being held in the Fall River County jail until his next court appearance.

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