Edgemont School Board Holds Regular Meeting

By Aaron Eberle
The Edgemont School Board held a regular meeting on Monday, January 11 at 7 p.m.
Diane Stevens reported that she had sent notice of vacancies to the paper. The vacancies on the board will be for Connie Gerard and Nicole Ostenson.
Stevens is working on W2’s for everybody. Along with the W2’s, ACA regulations required them to send forms pertaining to health care coverage to employees. The deadline for those have extended to March 31.
Stevens stated that Ben Elliot will be working on getting the school audit started. Stevens also heard from the South Dakota Department of Education. They did not make the Maintenance of Effort for the 2014-2015 school year.
There are exceptions to the rule in the Maintenance of Effort plan. One student aged out of the system and one child moved out of the district. These exceptions should be acceptable.
Lane Ostenson reported that the students participated in the fourth year of Community Service Projects Day. This years it was an effort from all students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.
Elementary students performed some songs at the Senior Citizen’s Center. High school student volunteered time working at the food bank, wrapping presents for the Angel Tree, helping out at the city library, preschool, city museum and fire hall.
Ostenson also stated that he has been working with the administrative team on teacher schedule and class offerings for the next year.
Amy Ferley has been continuing to formally evaluate teachers. She has heard about the experiments for the science fair, saw new art displays around the school and listened to the third grade as they were cooking some corn bread.
A behavior specialist from Black Hills Special Services will talk with the teachers about some of the specific needs they have in the school.
Ferley also stated that a representative from TIE will be working with the elementary teachers. They will be working on computers and tablets they have available in their classrooms. Next month, they will be starting a book study over “Inevitable”.
Dave Cortney is continuing to formally evaluate staff. Cortney as also signed up to watch an ASBSD/BoardDocs webinar. McIntosh School will be presenting their process of using technology to conduct paperless school board meetings.
Cortney has been spending some time helping to keep the kitchen operating. They are still transiting between head cooks.
In other news:
The nuew suburban is back from Steele Collision for repairs. Buss #10 had the oil changed and the old car had been serviced, wipers were fixed and tires replaced. The old suburban was having issues. They discovered that one set of keys needed to be reprogrammed.
Susan Humiston has been busy with the various meetings she has to attend. Humsiton has also been following the Governor’s address carefully. She is not sure how that woulod play out. Humstion was very afraid that it may be big school versus little school.
ASBSD Policy Service has a website where a school can post their policies into their program. There is a $1,000 setup fee and a $300 per year after that. The ASBSD would help with so many hours of service in the initial $1,000, but after that you were one your own.
The school would have more policies to draw on, if they signed up and could make them their own, so their policy was more comprehensive. 

At that time, the board decided they could do it themselves.
Ellen White resigned as a special education aide. Maria Campos-Sanchez was hired in her place at $9.65 per hour, pending an approved background check.
Sylvia Otten, Vickie Hauge and Shelby Wright were approved as substitutes, pending an approved background check.

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