Veteran’s Fountain is Approved by Council

By Aaron Eberle
Edgemont’s Common Council met on October 20, at 7 p.m.
Deputy Martha Jarman gave a law enforcement report. Jarman also included that any time people called in, it helps.
Councilwoman Sandra Woodward reported that the Public Works crew has been really busy. Not only are they doing their regular chores, they are getting ready for winter.
Dan Mathis has submitted a from to have a lawn mowing adjustment. Mathis has not showed up to the last two meeting, so nothing has been decided about this.
Shaw reported that he had been checking into the phone line into at the lift season and conduit for a camera in the bridge at City Park. Shaw had also stated that he drove across the new bridge on the south edge of town - it is officially now completed.
Darrell DuToit and Garry Lord, representatives of the Historical Society, have plans for a Veteran’s Fountain in City Park. The fountain would be a memorial to all veterans, past and present. They would also like to tie into the old well that is down there and use that water
Lord and DuToit had plans drawn up by different people and presented those blueprints to the city council. The plan is to use some of the bricks from the old stone block building as part of the structure.
Woodward asked if they had looked into durablity of the stones. DuToit responded that they had not yet, but would check on that, as well as a sealant that may be able to be used.
When asked if they had the funds for this, Lord responded that they would have enough funds to do their initial plans. At some point, they would like to add to the project by adding terraced or stair step pools. They would need to have fundraiser’s after that.
DuToit and Lord wanted permission from the council and guidance from Shaw as the project moves forward. They believe that by using this water, it could be therapeutic for people if they want to use the fountain as a foot bath. Council approved their request.
In other news:
SHEDCO has workshops coming up. Everyone will be welcome to attend. Cost for these workshops, if you are not a SHEDCO member is $30 per session. They also wanted people aware that they are going to have quarterly meetings in Edgemont. The next one will be February 19 at 6 p.m.
Council is going to surplus a 1995 Polaris 4-wheeler. Sealed bids may be submitted at City Hall.
Carl Shaw will be attending a Fall River County Commissioners Meeting. There are several places in Edgemont that taxes are delinquent on. Shaw would like to talk to the commissioners to see what the County has planned for these places.

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