Clay Schnose Memorial Rodeo in Oelrichs...

On Sunday, May 31, a special double-performance high school practice rodeo was held at the Oelrichs Rodeo Arena to honor the late Clay Schnose, who died last summer of Auto Immune Encephalitis. Clay grew up on a cattle ranch about six miles from Oelrichs and would have graduated from Hot Springs High School last month.

Written in the program for the event, Clay’s mom Kimberly said, “my one wish for the competitors here today is, please dream, make a plan and never take a day for granted! Be the best version of you-you can be, each day! Be a contribution to society! Do it for those that were not given that ability!”

Above, during the event’s grand entry, Mykelsi Schnose holds the reins of her brother Clay’s horse named Alice as his cowboy hat rests on the saddle. Joining Mykelsi in the center of the arena are some of Clay’s best friends, including from left, Wyatt Tibbitts, Garrett Glines, Levi Glines and Tristan Hunter.

Photo by Brett Nachtigall/Fall River County Herald-Star

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