Council Holds Regular Meeting

The Edgemont Common Council met on Tuesday, August 18, at 7 p.m.
Councilwmoman Carla Schepler reported that the Law Enforcement Committee met on August 12. Schepler stated that they discussed the Mickelson Trail Trek and the current detour on Hwy 18. Schepler said they were looking into the possibility of having signs and people flagging.
Schepler also stated that Brent White, animal control officer attended the meeting. White clarified that he was not shooting cats, even though it had been rumored around town that he was.

Councilwoman Echo Brosmire wanted to look into changing the curfew in the summer months.

Councilwoman Sandra Woodward stated that the Public Works Crew has been very busy. They have been working on patching streets, mowing, spraying weeds, working on the lift station and cleaning the lot behind Steven’s Car Wash.
Mayor Carl Shaw stated that the generator for the reservoir has arrived and the crew is working on the stand for it.
Shaw also stated that the City of Platte has a street sweeper up for sealed bids. Shaw stated that the sweeper is a 1994 model and has very low hours on it. If they decided to submit a bid, it needed to be turned in by September 3. Jerry Kellogg asked if parts would still be available for it, if the City of Edgemont purchased it. Shaw stated that they should still be able to get parts.
Kellogg was there to represent the Chamber of Commerce to ask permission to close off Main Street from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for the Fall Festival and use the City Park for vendors, etc.
Kellogg also requested the possibility of vendors parking behind the museum, for easier access to the park with their wares. This would be fine, or saving an empty parking spot on Main for easier access. Council passed Kellogg’s requests.
In other council news:
Passed temporary malt beverage license to the Hat Creek Grill for a birthday party at the St. James Parish Center.
Approved Library Board Members
Approved hiring Joe Koller as the permanet Public Works Foreman at $15.83 per hour.
Advertise for a Public Works Crew Member and Cleaning position for two weeks.
Public comment was heard not only from Kellogg, but Les Hanes and Bob Worden.
The next regular board meeting will be held on September 1, at 7 p.m.

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