2015 All School Reunion

Submitted by Jane Ann Henderson
The all school reunion was held July 30 through August 2 and was hosted by the Edgemont Alumni Association.
The organization was officially organized in 2001. The main focus of the group is to support the youth of Edgemont. The Alumni Association donates to several different projects that involve our local youth programs. The association awards at lest one $1000 scholarship a year to a deserving senior who is planning to further his or her education. Since 2002, the association has awarded $23,000 in scholarships.
The Edgemont Alumni Association also had purchased a picnic table for the school grounds, helped financially with refurbishing the crows nest on the football field, donated funds for the trees and bushes around the school and makes an annual donation to the local YMCA. The association is also responsible for getting the senior composite pictures framed and hung in the school halls. This project is ongoing, but is almost completed. These things have been possible through donations, membership and registration fees and lots of volunteer hours from many loyal supporters.
Registration was held on Thursday and Friday, with over 300 alumni and guest registering. Numerous others did not register, but attended most of the activities. There were several class gatherings held in different places throughout the community. A big thanks goes out to all who hosted a group of classes!
The classes of 1964 and 1965 celebrated 50 year reunions. Everyone was able to enjoy renewing and establishing new memories with close friends by attending the fair and reunion events.
There was a program held Saturday evening at 7 p.m. in the school gym (armory). Anne Cassens gave a brief slide show and talk on what a Mogul engine is and how it became our school mascot. Mick Beard and Diane Kane updated a slide show by adding narration and music and additional slides to a power point presentation that was originally created in 2005, by Sue Hendrick and Rhonda (Morrison) Gillispie. This slide show was a history of the Edgemont School.
On Sunday a picnic was held at Roosevelt Park from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and was catered by the Hat Creek Grill. There were approximately 230 people in attendance. it was a great day for a picnic and everyone enjoyed good food and relaxing in the shade visiting with friends and family.
This reunion would not have been possible without the help and support from many alumni, business, friends of the assocaiton, school faculty and administrators. It was a big project and all of the hard work paid off when so many came and attended the festivities. The people who come and enjoy seeing old friends are the other half of the team that made the reunion fo 2015 a huge success! Thank your for supporting the Edgemont Alumni Association, one and all.
The Edgemont Alumni Association would like to thank all who contributed to the reunion for 2015. All of your donations were greatly appreciated. They are as follows:
The active members of the association who are officers and members who come to the meetings held on the second Sundays of the even numbered months at 2 p.m.
Beryl Eberle for arranging the float for the Alumni Association and the honoring of Caroline Curl and Jane Coats, as our longest living alumni.
Mick Beard and Diane Kane for updating and presenting the power point on the history of the Edgemont Schools.
Anne Cassens for the slide show on the Mogul.
Sue Hendricks for the many hours it took to update and make the new directory a reality.
Deb’s Printing for printing the directories.
Kathleen Beebe and all of the others who helped with setting up registration.
Scott Corbett and the student council for providing the school tours.
Deb Porter for baking the cookies.
Kari Tnkin for making special trips to Edgemont to help out with the technology end of the program.
Don Andersen and the Hat Creek Grill for arranging and catering the picnic.
PJ’s and Fresh Start for providing coupons for ice cream cones and coffee and soda fountain drinks.
Beryl Eberle and the Odd Fellow Hall for the classes of 1930 through 1946.
Chuck and Shirley Johnson and the Senior Center for the classes of 1947 through 1955.
Bev Gehman, Vangie (Torres) McClaren and St. James Parish Center for the classes of 1956 through 1964.
The Victory Steakhouse for providing a gathering place for the classes of 1965 through 1976.
The Barker family for hosting the classes of 1977 through 1985.
The Darrow Family and Masonic Hall for hosting the classes of 1986 through 1997.
Deanne Brown for making copies, setting things up, being there for us every step of the way.
The Edgemont School District for providing the wonderful facilities and services to make this reunion possible. We have been blessed with an amazing school system and an even more amazing staff!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
To all of the teachers and faculty members who have taught here in the past and in the present: we could have done it without you. You have been a true inspiration through the years. A huge thanks to all of you! You never know how much you influence and touch the lives of the student you have taught.

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