Marty’s Tire and Auto Body relocates to owner’s home of Oelrichs

Photo by Peggy Sanders/Fall River County Herald

Marty Schommer works at his 1965 Ford Galaxie desk.


By Peggy Sanders

OELRICHS –– If you are looking for Marty’s Tire and Auto Body, you will need to go south to Oelrichs. Marty Schommer recently moved his business from the south end of Hot Springs along Fall River Road to his new shop down there. 

Marty Schommer grew up at Oelrichs and he has now moved his business to his hometown. He was at the Hot Springs location on Fall River Road for 22 years, owning the place for the past 13 years. He realized he was missing his children’s growing up years with the family living in Oelrichs and him commuting to Hot Springs. Schommer said, “A couple of years ago my wife Julie and I started talking about having the body shop in Oelrichs. As things turned out, McGas, the business to the north of me in Hot Springs asked to buy a piece of the land. I told them they would have to buy all the land and the building. They said okay and I was off and running to build a new shop. When things fell into place, the change happened quickly.”

He purchased a Sentinel building through High Country Erectors/Accouters in Hot Springs and John LeBar, Oral, was in charge of the concrete work. The shop has six spacious bays with an enclosed paint booth. Schommer had the walls insulated and finished with steel panels just like on the outside, keeping building maintenance simple. Schommer said, “We have continued to stay busy after our move. I have loyal customers from Hot Springs, Buffalo Gap and the surrounding area. Many are farmers and ranchers, which was my background growing up. As long as I do good work at a fair price, they will come back.” He takes pride in his work and it shows by his repeat business.

The company has two wreckers that can take care of cars and pickups. In the daily work he and his two employees do light mechanical work such as brakes, tie rods and tire repair. He also sells a full line of tires which he orders upon customer request. Body work, including windshield replacement, is his specialty.

“We handle the insurance paperwork for our customers,” Schommer said. “It’s one less thing for them to have to do and it’s part of our service.”

As long as Schommer was opening a new building he wanted to have some fun with it too. The office area is becoming a “man cave.” The first item in the room is his 1965 Ford Galaxie desk. Due to its size, it had to be placed before the interior wall was built. He will have everything unpacked and moved into each area of the building within a couple of weeks. In the near future, Marty’s Tire and Auto Body will be hosting an open house. Watch the Fall River County Herald for the announcement.

To call Schommer note that the number changed from the Hot Springs prefix of 745 to the Oelrichs prefix of 535, giving a new number of 535-4975. His hours are 7:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday. 

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