Edgemont Softball League

By Aaron Eberle
We are still trying to organize a league for adult softball.
This league would allow anyone over 14 to play the game, but it can be a family affair.
If some child wants to keep score, umpire, or be ‘bat boy’, they are more than welcome to attend as well.
Right now we are in the organizational stages. Some thoughts are: we will have practices and games around the YMCA practices, everybody that wants to have fun, may, but you have to bring your own equipment, and who we may challenge in game play.
We are willing to listen to all ideas and thoughts, and would like to hear your suggestions as well.
We are hopeful that we can get this off the ground and running by the end of June. We would prefer you let us know if you are interested before then.
If you have any questions or would like to sign up please contact Katie Darrow or Dianna Johnson or Aaron Eberle at the newspaper office.
The number for the paper office is 605-662-7201 and Katie’s number is 307-272-9618.

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