Fall River Democrats Held Biennial Election

Fall River Democrats held their biennial election last week, electing Karla LaRive, chair; Wayne Piper of Edgemont, vice-chair; Pat Ginsbach, secretary; Mary Burrows, treasurer; Gerald Bloomer, state central committeeman; and Burrows, state central committeewoman.
Jill Evangelista, outgoing chair, and Burrows reported activities at McGovern Day in Sioux Falls, with the highlight a rousing keynote speech by Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee. Other speakers included prospective candidates for elective office Brendan Johnson, son of Senator Tim Johnson and recently U.S. Attorney; Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, former congresswoman; and Billie Sutton, current House minority leader.Dean Kurtz, Custer County Democratic chair and vice chair of the West River Democratic region, announced the Custer County annual Roosevelt-McGovern Day banquet at noon, May 9 at the Custer County golf course club house. Tickets are $20. Speakers include Ann Tornberg and Joe Lowe, state party president and vice-president, and a “mystery speaker.”

Kurtz announced state party plans to establish a Rapid City office.

Members of the organization will be circulating petitions on two issues: the legislature’s reduction of minimum wage for workers under 18, and a new law making it more difficult for independent candidates to run for office.
Gardner Gray of Pringle, Independent candidate for legislature in the last election, was a special guest.

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