New Dollar General to open by Edgemont next month

Brett Nachtigall/Fall River County Herald

Progress is moving swiftly on the new Dollar General building, located along Hwy 18 across the highway from the Yesway Convenience Store in Edgemont.


By Brett Nachtigall


EDGEMONT – The new Dollar General store, currently under construction just outside of Edgemont, is planning to be open around October 31, 2019, according to Jesse Stockley, a senior project manager with the Tula, Oklahoma-based development company Rupe Helmer Group.

Stockley – who manages the construction of Dollar General stores in Oklahoma, Kansas, North and South Dakota – said the Edgemont store is one of about 1,000 new stores his company has built, or is building, for the retail chain across the country over the past year. In addition to the Edgemont store, he said they are planning to break ground on a new store in Martin this week as well, and are also looking at a new store in Rapid City in the near future.

Dollar General is one of the fastest growing “small box” discount retailers in the country, with most of their stores located in small to mid-size communities.There are more than 15,000 Dollar General stores in 44 states across the country, according to their website. Stockley added that the company has a goal of having a store within three miles of every significant population in the U.S.

The Edgemont store is located along Hwy. 18, on the north side of the highway across from Yesway convenience store. The property was previously owned by former Edgemont resident Sam J. Simons, who sold it to Rupe Helmer for the construction of the Dollar General. A structure, most recently used as an office building, was located on the property but was torn down to make room for the new construction.

Stockley said the Edgemont store broke ground in July with most of the construction being done by a company out of Minnesota which handles most of the Dollar General new constructions in the Midwest. They do however try to hire as many local companies as they can as well, Stockley said, which included Barker Concrete and Bill’s Heating, as well as an electrician out of Rapid City. 

Three to four months is fairly typical for a new Dollar General to be built, Stockley said, but added that the Edgemont store is taking a little bit longer than normal, due to issues they experienced with the sandy, river bottom soil types at the site.

In addition to the local contractors hired for the construction phase, Stockley said a local manager will be hired as well as a staff of six to 10 employees. 

Kerry Barker with Barker Concrete and Construction said he was grateful that his family’s company was hired to be a part of the project. “I feel this is a positive thing for Edgemont,” he said.

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