Fargo artist gives fresh, colorful look to Edgemont School

Photo courtesy Nancy Zachow

Nick and Katie Haertling pose in front of a mural they created in the Edgemont School recently, which helped to welcome back students last week. Nick is the son of new Edgemont Principal Brad Zachow and his wife Nancy.


By Rhea Falig 

Staff Writer 

EDGEMONT – Nick Haertling and his wife Katie, along with their two month old little girl, Lyric, recently made the long trek from Fargo, N.D. using their skills to help add some life and color to the halls of Edgemont School.

Nick has been painting for 13 years and has painted murals nationally. The request for a mural was made by Edgemont Superintendent of Schools Amy Ferley. Nick’s parents are Brad and Nancy Zachow. Newly hired principal Brad Zachow contacted their son knowing it would be right up his alley.

“I told him he could paint whatever he wanted as long as it tied into the school in some way,” said Zachow. “I’m very excited about the mural. It is great to have family contributing to the school and youth in a multitude of ways. I am hoping that this mural is the first of many contacts for Nick and Katie in the Black Hills area.”

Nick is a freelance muralist and founder of Urban Arts Festival. Haertling has been in many gallery exhibitions, and has taught art classes through the Plains Art Museum, and in public schools through out the south eastern part of North Dakota. He is the founder and event coordinator for the annual art and music event held in Fargo called Can Jam. The idea of Can Jam is to bring a sense of community to his city by creating a platform for local and regional artists, including artists from the Black Hills.

“The inspiration for the mural derived from the idea of bringing a brighter and more colorful look to the school which staff and students alike could enjoy and take pride in,” Nick said. “We also wanted to incorporate a theme that represented life in the black Hills and local town pride.”

An upcoming local event that he will be apart of is the Revitalization Project of the Rapid City Art Alley in October which is coordinated by the Dahl Rapid City Art Council.

Katie Haertling is a professional Tattoo artist at Amarok Tattoo in Fargo. Together they used their combined talents to paint a colorful mural on the second floor hallway wall between the Middle School and Elementary Wing in Edgemont. 

“It was an honor to be given such an amazing opportunity to do something new and exciting for a community that seems so well connected to each other,” Nick added. “I have been blessed with a beautiful family. My wife helped fix my mistakes when my vision was not coming out as I planned. Also, to have my father, the new principal of the school, give me a place to express myself in a new environment was something I will forever be grateful for. The mural was a combination of family and community. I hope others enjoy that as much as I do.

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