Rustic and refined at Cabin Fever in Hot Springs

Photo by Karen Yekel/Fall River County Herald

Karen Romey, left and Liz Goodrick-Dillon display some of their unique designs at Hot Springs’ newest retail establishment, Cabin Fever, at 108 South Chicago Street in Hot Springs.


By Karen Yekel

HOT SPRINGS-A quaint, unique retail shop named Cabin Fever recently opened in the Sandstar Building in Hot Springs. The brainchild of owners Liz Goodrick-Dillon and Karen Romey, both from Hot Springs, Cabin Fever takes one back into an era of fun and distinctive objects and items that provoke long-forgotten memories of a simpler time. 

The original artwork of Goodrick-Dillon on the walls is so lifelike one feels drawn into the paintings as an extension of one’s self. She sells her artwork to outlets that include puzzle makers, bringing the art to life in the form of many small pieces fitting together.

“It’s been one of my dreams for years,” said Goodrick-Dillon, “And it’s been one of Karen’s dreams as well.” Romey creates art with wood, for rustic signs, frames, and other assorted tchotchkes to complete the décor in one’s home or office environment. 

Romey said, “We both have an eye for unique things that appeal to people, things that people remember from their childhood. And a new generation that likes retro designs. We like to repurpose items. We have a love of art and art comes in many forms.”

Goodrick-Dillon said, “Customers comment about how the inventory is so nicely displayed, and you can see the prices. We just let them come in and we don’t push them into buying anything.”

What is Cabin Fever? Romey said, “I think it’s a shop that appeals to everyone of all ages. You can come in and find something for yourself or unique gifts for others.” The name, Cabin Fever, said Goodrick-Dillon, sprung from a decision that “explained us the most, and it’s short.”

Unique is definitely an appropriate term for this one-of-a-kind gallery filled with a generous variety of items, from rustic signs, kitschy vintage, original art works by Goodrick-Dillon and her family members. Even her husband got into the act, with interesting handmade candles, and her daughter’s artwork as well as handmade jewelry and paintings on fabric.

There are vintage table linens, aprons, kitchenware, collectibles, vintage farm implements, cabinets, and colorful arrays of various art forms. A must see retail shop with something for everyone, at affordable prices. The ladies agree that their store is here to cater to locals as well as tourists. This store comes from their hearts to appeal to the hearts of their clientele. “I think it’s affordable for young people who may not have a lot of money, and need to buy a gift,” said Goodrick-Dillon. 

While the pair doesn’t take consignments, they do purchase quality items that they can display and sell in the store. “We’re more than willing to look and buy things that fit with the store,” said Romey. “A lot of times we’ll take a look at something, and we will repurpose it into something totally different. That’s what we do,” she added.

Goodrick-Dillon said Romey has the flair for decorating the store. “She has taught me so much about what to look for, especially with regard to vintage items. She’s reinvented me, and vice versa,” she said.

“We’ve known each other for a while and we came together because of our love of art and doing things with our hands. It all started with us going on a trip to Chadron, Neb. where someone had advertised free wood. We dug among the pile of wood, dealt with snakes, and it was an adventure,” said Romey. “We’ve utilized every piece of that wood. It’s been a fun journey. It didn’t happen easy. Our visions came together and we had good support from both of our families,” she said.

“It was real important to us to be in town. We looked around for a year for the appropriate venue for the store,” said Goodrick-Dillon.

To dispel the rumor floating around town, these ladies are not from Colorado to open a store just for the summer tourist season. “We are locals and we believe in Hot Springs,” said Romey. “I saw the new energy coming into Hot Springs and we said we’re going to give it our all,” she added.

“What we’re also thinking about is offering different parties, like painting, creating different art forms, painting on a wine bottle, affordable and that everyone can enjoy,” said Romey. “We want to make it affordable for everyone to participate. That’s our vision,” she added. 

To infuse their energy and enthusiasm, Goodrick-Dillon declared, “We’ve had customers every day we are open.” 

Cabin Fever, located at 108 N. Chicago St., is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 4pm; telephone number is 605-745-6555. Visit their website at 


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