Talent on display at concert, play

Photo courtesy Suzanne Hollenbeck.

Kali Schmidt and Elli Hollenbeck perform in One-Act Play.


By Rhea Falig

Staff Writer

EDGEMONT— On April 15 students of Edgemont lit up the stage for the Jazz Band Concert and One-Act Play titled “The Complaint Department and Lemonade” by Kamron Klitgaard of Pioneer Drama Publishing.

Music Director, Suzanne Hollenbeck who also organizes the school plays said, “I have had a lot of interest in the plays at Edgemont school. We performed a 3 act play in the fall with about 25 kids participating. Students wanted to perform more, so I suggested a one act play. I had 9 kids perform a one-act play. They didn’t really enjoy the early practices, but overall thought it was super fun and would do it again. Hopefully, they will be performing at the Edgemont Theater in the summer.”

The award winning Jazz Band performed two musical numbers— Jungle Boogie and Burritos to Go.

“We have performed Jazz music before, but this is the first time that we have had a real Jazz Band instrumentation,” Hollenbeck said. “We had Hunter Hollenbeck who decided to put down the saxophone and take up the bass guitar and Callie Printz broke her wrist and couldn’t play the saxophone, so I put her and Elli Hollenbeck on the piano. This, along with my percussion section gave us a really “cool” rhythm section that you need for Jazz Band.”

The school’s Jazz Band includes Lizzy Tidball, Carly Stokes, Jenna Ostenson, Kara Smith, Chandler Romey, Kearstyn Juliano, Cadence Hyatt, Sheldon West, Kolton Darrow, Dillon Nyquist, Sarah Barker, Lacette Klein, Jordan Clark, Grant Darrow, Kaitlin Gerard, Morgan Peterson, Maddie Peterson, Abby Tidball, Kali Schmidt, Kaleb Darrow, Mason Cortney, Caleb Simons, Chance Grill, Hunter Hollenbeck, Callie Printz, Elli Hollenbeck, Taylor Grill, Connor Lund, Riley Waite.

The play cast list included Tres Schaack, Jenna Ostenson, Morgan Peterson, Ryan Simons, Kali Schmidt, Carly Stokes, Elli Hollenbeck, Caleb Simons, Hunter Hollenbeck.

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