Airport Hangar Discussed at City Council Meeting

By Aaron Eberle
The Edgemont City Council met on March 3 at 7 p.m.
Mayor Carl Shaw stated that there is no lease agreement between the City and the Airport Hangar. For the City to receive funding they should not only have a lease agreement with the people involved with the hangar, but have ten planes registered to the City of Edgemont.
Other things that the City must do to receive funding from the federal government is to fix the lights. The City is hopeful to have a new hangar in the future, but that may be two or three years down the road.
Eight planes are currently registered in the City of Edgemont. Two planes are in the hangar that are not registered here.
The city also found that for some reason Dave Augustine has been paying $50 per month, while others have been paying $20 per month.
The new hangar lease agreement will be a ten year lease and anybody that signs this lease will pay $50 per month to the city. Brian Childers has a lease agreement with the hangar at Chadron, Neb., and he thinks that $50 per month is a bargain.
Councilman George West asked Augustine and Childers if the lease agreement was passed by the City, would this be something that they might sign. Both Augustine and Childers responded in the affirmative.
Councilwoman Sandra Woodward wondered if there should be some addition to the lease stating that if you don’t pay, the city has the right to evict the plane. Childers stated that in his other lease agreement it is something that is understood.
Childers commented that after reading the Focus on History in the Edgemont Herald Tribune, that the Edgemont Fliers had built the hangar in 1964 for $5,000. Childers wondered if the hangar actually belonged to the City. Shaw replied that the City has been doing repairs.
After discussion the motion was passed to accept the lease agreement with changes that Woodward wanted to include.
In other council news:
Deputy Martha Jarman gave her law enforcement report, Councilwoman Sandra Woodward updated everyone on the Public Works crew and Shaw reported on how many animals Animal Control Officer, Brent White, had captured.
Shaw also reported that the siren testing that was held on February 24, went well. The representative suggested that the new siren either be set behind City Hall or near the Ambulance Barn. No decision has been made.
Finance officer, Karen Cain has been working on the annual report. Cain read the report (see page ).
Edgemont Theatre Company has asked to renew their lease of the old sale barn building with the City. Council tabled this item until the next meeting.
Shaw read the list of candidates for the upcoming City Election.
An audtior needs to be hired to do the audit for 2014. Shaw would like to be able to check with the Custer/Fall River Waste Management (landfill), Edgemont School and the City of Hot Springs to see who they use. The council gave their approval.
Public comment was heard from Jim Angell again about the truck ordinance. Angell was curious about how the City was going to enforce trucks out of the designated truck route.
Next meeting will be held on March 17 at 7 p.m.


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