Oelrichs High School art student completes mural, earns award

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Oelrichs Elementary students and teachers pose with Oelrichs High School art student Baylie Her Many Horses (back, far left) in front of her mural that she painted at the school. Local attorney Jim Sword (back left) presented Her Many Horses with a plaque. 


OELRICHS – Oelrichs High School student Baylie Her Many Horses has been busy creating art and earning national recognition in the process.

Recently, the local art student was recognized by the Mitakuye Foundation of Santa Monica, Calif., when their representative Jennifer Jessum traveled to the Oelrichs School on March 27 to present Baylie Her Many Horses with an award from the foundation. 

The Mitakuye Foundation is an organization that brings the different art forms to Native children here in South Dakota.  Submissions are sent in monthly and winners are chosen and notified by the Foundation. Baylie has won several times and will continue to submit her art to Mitakuye Foundation.

In addition, Baylie also recently completed a large art project featuring a painting of a tree for the Oelrichs school gymnasium.

According to school secretary Lee Linehan, the painting represents the life and future of the Oelrichs School and community. The project took several weeks to complete and Baylie had the help of her brother Wyatt and her sister Amelia. David Hung a foreign exchange student also help her paint the tree. The “leaves” on the tree are hand outlines of each student here at the school.

“We are all in awe of Baylie’s talent including Attorney Jim Sword who came to the school to present Baylie with a plaque in honor of her artistic abilities,” Linehan said.

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