City Council Met

y Aaron Eberle
On December 16,  at 7 p.m., Edgemont’s City Council met.
Councilwoman Woodward stated that the meter pit cover was replaced in front of the United Church.
Councilwoman Schepler reported that the ordinance committee is still working on ordinances.
Councilwomen McDermand said the finance committee had met December 15 and that the claims had been signed off on.
Mayor Shaw reported that the new musuem roof is on, but some carpet and ceiling tiles will need to be purchased and replaced.
Council approved the selling of some surplus items.
Mayor Shaw read the 2014-12-16 resolution. This is an appropriation resolution for year end.
Public comment from three of Edgemont’s Citizens was heard about the new ordinance about water. Citizens were concerned that this new ordinance may be to general in its wording. The ordinance committee will review this ordinance, with the help of these concerned citizens.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:21. City council will hold their next regular meeting January 6, 2015.

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