Edgemont students to present ‘Yard Sale’ as school’s Fall Play on Nov. 15-16

EDGEMONT – Students and staff at Edgemont High School have been busy preparing for their upcoming Fall Play entitled “Yard Sale” by Tim Kelly through Pioneer Drama.

The play will be performed next week in the Edgemont School gymnasium beginning with a matinee for elementary students on Wednesday, Nov. 14, with public performances at 7 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 15-16. Desserts will be available at intermission as a fundraiser for the junior class.

Co-Directors are Becky Harding and Suzanne Hollenbeck, as assisted by Scott Corbett.

The play includes a large of cast of 28 members including:

Tres Schaack (Napoleon), Abby Tidball (Pauline), Jenna Ostenson (Ann), Callie Printz (Mona Babbington), Emily Moore (Daisy Plant), Elli Hollenbeck (Ruthie), Morgan Peterson (Joyce), Ryan Simons (Jack Barry), Caleb Simons (Rex Ingold), Kaleb Darrow (Calvin Gregg), Sheldon West (Cab Driver), Taylor Grill (Candy Webb), Maddie Peterson (Judy Linseed), Lizzie Tidball (Virginia Daly), Kali Schmidt (Hazel Hushabye), Brayden Nettifee (Tour Guide), Chance Harsh (Ron Glacier), Jordan Clark (Agent York), Cadence Hyatt (Agent Withers), Kaitlin Gerard (Miss Crothers), Kolton Darrow (Officer Fazio), Kiersten Lynn (Officer Crosby), Grant Darrow (Bargain Hunter), Carly Stokes (Mrs. Winthrop-Dimple), Sarah Barker (Sherry Lawrence), Connor Lund (Leonard Swipes), Hunter Hollenbeck (Silias Price), and Kiersten Lynn (Miss Scanlon).

The play’s synopsis states:

Mona Babbington’s old Victorian mansion, once a beauty, is now a rooming house for rambunctious college students. With the help of her scatterbrain nephew and devoted neice, Mona struggles to hold off the wrecker’s ball. It’s not easy, considering Silias Price, the town octopus, is eager to turn the property into a parking lot. To raise money, the students decide to sell all the junk in the old house at a yard sale, but little do they know what complications they face. For example, young scientist Calvin Gregg has invented a weird gas that causes victims to revert to childhood, and the government is very interested! Judy Linseed dresses in battle gear because she’s convinced space aliens are plotting to seize the nearby university. Toss in hostile neighbors, a frustrated cab driver, and a pack of eager shoppers, and you have a hilarious mixture of tasty characters and knockabout craziness.


ABOVE: While he isn’t yet dressed the part, Hunter Hollenbeck acts the part of Silias Price, even immobilized by his wheelchair, during a recent rehearsal of Edgemont’s Fall Play entitled “Yard Sale.”


TOP RIGHT: Starting to add motions to their lines on paper, Kali Schmidt, as Hazel Hushabye, reaches for Emily Moore as Daisy Plant.


RIGHT: Agent Withers, played by Cadence Hyatt, at right, and Hazel Hushabye, played by Kali Schmidt, giggles at a silly part in “Yard Sale” read by her castmate Kaleb Darrow as Calvin Gregg.


Photos by Savanna Simmons/Fall River County Herald


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