HSHS Drama Department to present the Fall Play entitled 'Half-Frozen' on Nov. 15-16

HOT SPRINGS – The Hot Springs High School Drama Department will present their Fall Play next week on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 15-16, at the Mueller Civic Center beginning at 7 p.m. both nights.

This year's play is entitled Half-Frozen, by Craig Sodaro and published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals. It is being directed by Marilyn Rowley, who is assisted by Bre Messerole.

Cast members include Wyatt Ellis (Winki), James Jensen (Dinki), Luke Hayes (Ned), Tanner Olds (King Augustus), Caleb Priem (Prince Tomaso), Olivia Hayes (Queen Regina), Calyn Degnan (Princess Mirabelle), Breanna Remington (Elspeth), Bailey Juhl (Lilith), Jaila Redetzke (Genetta), Ava Krush (Young Princess) and Janelle Brock (Granny). Tech Crew members include Alexia Barndt and Sahvana Hayne.

According to the play company's website, the synopsis of the play states:

Poor King Augustus and Queen Regina! Their kingdom is half frozen because of a curse placed on their daughter, Princess Mirabelle, and nobody seems to know how to break the spell. When the Princess’s latest suitor, Prince Tomaso from a neighboring kingdom, is frozen by her touch, matters are no long inconvenient—they’re downright dangerous. Tomaso’s father threatens war if his son is not returned safely. As a last resort, the Queen texts a writer who gives advice in her “Leave It to Lilith” daily column. Lilith says the easiest way to break the curse is to go to the source. She and a handyman, Ned, make their way to the top of the highest mountain to the cottage of sorceress Genetta. She clues the two in to why she cursed the eight-year-old Princess, and then makes a deal—if she can be shown a reformed spoiled brat, she’ll reveal how to undo the curse. It’s a tall order because the Princess hasn’t reformed at all, but Lilith and Ned agree. Lilith suddenly gets inspired! Couldn’t the Princess’s lady-in-waiting, Elspeth, dress up as the Princess and take her part? The King and Queen agree readily, but Princess Mirabelle is so angered by the ruse she runs away. While racing from the castle, the Princess is forced into actually helping an old lady who has been hurt in an accident. Genetta is hardly fooled by the princess substitution. But at that moment, Princess Mirabelle arrives with the hobbling old lady. Satisfied that the girl has changed, Genetta says the only elixir is the first kiss of love. Very generic, but who would be brave enough to kiss Princess Mirabelle and risk turning into a block of ice? Hmmm…but the kiss, when it comes, is not what you think!


Brett Nachtigall/Fall River County Herald

Cast members in Hot Springs High School's upcoming performance of Half-Frozen rehearse a scene recently, while on stage at the Hot Springs Mueller Civic Center. From left are Bailey Juhl (Lilith), Tanner Olds (King Augustus), Breanna Remington (Elspeth), Luke Hayes (Ned), Janelle Brock (Granny), Calyn Degnan (Princess Mirabelle) and Olivia Hayes (Queen Regina).


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