KHSB banquet features People’s Choice Award winners, sustainability speaker

By Cathy Nelson

HOT SPRINGS - Beth-Anne Ferley, who is the Sustainability Coordinator for Rapid City Solid Waste Division, was the featured speaker for the Keep Hot Springs Beautiful (KHSB) Banquet that was held at the Red Rock River Resort on Saturday, Nov. 3. She shed new light on all that a recycling center can provide for both children and adults. From teaching art  to children using recycled items to making compost and applying for grants that are available from the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, she helped the audience understand how to use recycling for everyday living.

“The average person in South Dakota generates five pounds of garbage per day,” she said. “The average in the United States is 4.7 pounds.”

“We need to take care of the earth, sky, water and land,” she said, and urged the audience to find ways to reduce the amount of garbage they generate.

To make it easier for people to remember what to recycle, she created an acronym. “The acronym G.A.S.P. stands for Glass, Aluminum, Steel and Plastic,” she said. She explained that plastics numbers one and two are recycled and that it is not necessary to wash out containers.

Of interest to gardeners Ferley explained the process that the municipal solid waste department goes through to prepare its compost. She said if any insecticides are present, they are destroyed in the process and samples are sent in for testing to make sure the compost is safe for garden usage. The compost costs a penny a pound. Ferley also talked about creating gardens in tires, trashcans and other containers using the compost. 

KHSB President Beth Spitzer said she uses the compost in her gardens. KHSB also makes the compost available during the Great American Clean-up in May.

Moving on to another subject, Ferley said that an education center was completed in 2013 where they teach about sustainability. She also goes into the schools to do art projects with the students, such as making wind chimes with used liter-size pop bottles, masks with used egg cartons and drums from commercial-size cans.

Anyone interested in touring the recycling center is welcome to join a group from Hot Springs on Thursday, Nov. 15. The group will meet at the Coffee Cup at Maverick Junction at 9 a.m. and carpool from there. For further information, call Beth Spitzer, 745-4876.

Another highlight of the banquet was the announcement of the winners of the People’s Choice Award that is given for the street pod that receives the public’s vote. The 2018 winners are Harvey and Jackie Martin of Hot Springs and their son Chris, who maintain the street pod at the northwest corner of University and Chicago streets. The Martins have won the award five times out of the last six years. “We spent about 75 to 80 hours on the pod,” Harvey said. “Our son, Chris, helped us.” 

Also during the evening’s program, Spitzer gave an overview of KHSB’s activities, which include the Home and Garden Show in April; Earth Day Rummage Sale & Expo, also in April; Great American Clean-up in May; the Pod Squad that cares for 26 downtown street corner pods; curbside recycling and pop can recycling; the Super Recycling Event; the Homeowner Improvement Prize (H.I.P.), and the Christmas lights display in Centennial Park.

“We will no longer take TV’s and computer monitors at our recycling event,” Spitzer explained. “A list of what we can take is on our website” She explained that they changed the title from Electronics Recycling to Super Recycling Event.

The Homeowner Improvement Prize or H.I.P. Award will be presented in 2019. First, second and third prizes will be awarded to the homeowners to do the most to improve their homes’ curb appeal.

Spitzer then introduced the KHSB board members. They are President Beth Spitzer, Vice President Nancy Gregory, Secretary John Notheis, Treasurer Amy Symstad, and Rajni Lehman, Lenny Ramacher, Joann Walker, Barbara Walter, and Marilynn Bradley. The board meets the second Tuesday of each month at Pine Hills at 6:30 p.m. Spitzer said anyone interested in KHSB is welcome to visit a board meeting. Annual membership dues are $25.


Cathy Nelson/Fall River County Herald

Beth Spitzer, far left, President of Keep Hot Springs Beautiful, presents the People’s Choice Award to Jackie and Harvey Martin and their son, Chris, at the KHSB banquet held Saturday evening, Nov. 3. The Martins maintain a street pod on the corner of University and Chicago that the public voted as the most beautiful and best pod. The Martins have won the award five of the past six years.


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