PROCEEDINGS: Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District: 9-13-18


Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District

Box 11 28470 Lookout Road

Edgemont, SD 57735

The September 13, 2018 meeting of the Custer Fall River Regional Waste Management District was called to order at 7:05 pm by Chairman Larry Livingston at the Mueller Center in Hot Springs.

Present were Livingston, Nabholz, Richards, Dibble, Andersen and Kizer  

Absent were Sandy Arseneault (city of Custer), Bies, and O’Connell.

All motions were approved unanimously unless otherwise noted.

Motion by Nabholz, 2nd by Richards to approve the agenda as presented.   No conflicts of interest were noted.

Motion by Dibble, 2nd by Andersen to approve the minutes of the July meeting.

7:10pm Bids for sale of loader were opened by Chairman Livingston.

One bid was received for the 1973 Cat 941B loader - High Plains Resources, LLC bid: $3275.00

Motion by Dibble, 2nd by Nabholz to accept the bid of $3275.00 from High Plains Resources, LLC.

Motion by Richards, 2nd by Kizer to approve the treasurer’s report as presented with the addition of bill from Butler Cat for $2548.65

Bills Outstanding

Board mileage and compensation, $650.00 (EST.); Transfer Out, $14,200.00; Payroll Taxes, $1000 (EST); Verizon, $79.30; Total Bills due, $15,929.30

Landfill Fees for July 11-Sept 11, 2018--$109,935.34

Landfill Fees for July 11-Sept 11, 2017--$144,543.36


1st Interstate Checking, $235,408.05; 1st Interstate Bank money mkt, $276,643.45; Black Hills Credit Union svgs, $60.13; Black Hills Credit Union, $104,108.35; Dacotah Bank CD #1, $101,104.01(matures 1/17/2020 1.00% apy); Dacotah Bank CD #2, $101,205.34 (matures 1/20/2021 1.40% apy); Dacotah Bank CD #3, $100,000.00 (matures 1/20/2019 1% apy)

Total District Funds Available $918,529.33

Expenses by Vendors

Barker Concrete and Construction, $18,103.68; Black Hills Power and Light, $207.83; City of Edgemont, $158.60; Dependable Well Service, $258.28; Fall River Auto, 12.29; Fall River County Herald, $285.83; FMG, $3,373.33; Hi-D-Way Oil & Gas, $3,346.77; Linda Mines, $1,835.70; Polaris of Chadron, $175.71; Postmaster, $56.00; Rancher’s Feed and Supply, $2,902.86; SD Dept of Revenue, $4,717.16; Southern Hills Fire and Safety, $86.00; Southern Hills Publishing, $14.71; Verizon, $146.08; Total $35,680.83

Financial Assurance funds held by resolution or set aside for closure and post closure

Black Hills Credit CD $168,886.84  (2.55% 8 yr. 2025) (DENR)

1st Interstate Bank CD $111,900.78 (.4% - 36 mo. 2/18/2019) (DENR)

1st Interstate Bank CD $111,375.00 (1.25% 5yr 3/10/2022) (DENR) 

Dacotah Gold Money Market $69,550.07 

Total Funds DENR $461,712.69

Adjusted total accrued liability for 2017 $403,429.00

Projected total accrued liability for 2018 $444,155.00

Information other than financials


July 2018: 970.62 tons; August, 2018: 844.89 tons

July 2017: 943.12 tons; August, 2017: 959.48 tons

Total 2018: 5438.39 tons; Total 2017: 6111.31 tons

We are 672.92 tons behind

Rubble: 2018 YTD - 1276.50 tons; 2017 YTD - 1896.70 tons

Motion by Dibble, 2nd by Richards to have Chairman sign the agreement with Independent Audit Services for the 2016 and 2017 audit for a fee of $4200.

FMG was present.  Alex reported that the September ground water monitoring has been done; well #1 has been officially abandoned; areas of waste outside the cell have been bladed back and the edge lines have been staked. 

Alex also discussed the timeline and process for design and permitting of a new area of cells once cell 4 and 5 have been filled.  The board need not take any immediate action but needs to be aware that the process before construction could take 18months to 2 years with actual construction taking up to 9 months.  The board also has to have the filled cells capped within 60 days.  Current data suggests that the current cells have approximately 8 years of capacity left.

Barker Concrete and Construction representative was present to address the daily landfill operations.

Equipment repairs have been made. All seems to be going well.

Motion by Kizer, 2nd by Nabholz to a have public comment period at the end of the agenda lasting 5 minutes per speaker.

Deposit landfill  Fees 375.41 

Board Compensation 64.64 

Board Compensation 46.17 

Board Compensation 68.34 

Board Compensation 96.96 

Board Compensation 46.17 

Deposit landfill  Fees 13,714.50 

Deposit landfill  Fees 188.48 

Telephone 73.04 

Deposit landfill  Fees 24,689.78

land line office expenses 182.15 

Deposit landfill  Fees 214.88

Deposit landfill  Fees 516.84

Deposit landfill  Fees 85.37 

Deposit landfill  Fees 185.63 

Deposit landfill  Fees 437.16 

Deposit landfill  Fees 505.70 

Deposit landfill  Fees 270.46 

Deposit landfill  Fees 2,705.98 

Deposit landfill  Fees 438.22 

Deposit landfill  Fees 128.88 

Deposit landfill  Fees 631.67 

Repairs 12.29 

Printing and Reproduction 218.83 

fuel 1,592.85 

Gas and Electric 77.93 

Deposit landfill  Fees 509.51 

Deposit landfill  Fees 106.52 

Management fees 8,600.00 

bid ad Printing and Reproduction 14.71 

Water 79.30 

bookkeeping 917.85 

Deposit landfill  Fees 133.18 

Deposit landfill  Fees 150.28 

Deposit landfill  Fees 283.92 

Deposit landfill  Fees 264.87 

Deposit landfill  Fees 220.90 

Deposit landfill  Fees 245.07 

Deposit landfill  Fees 217.08 

Deposit landfill  Fees 437.24 

-SPLIT- 3,373.33 

telephone  land line Utilities 54.02 

Equipment Repairs 175.71 

Funds Transfer 1st Interstate Money Market 28,400.00 

Deposit landfill  Fees 1,591.32 

Deposit landfill  Fees 15,275.47 

Telephone 73.04 

Repairs 258.28 

-SPLIT- 1,400.97 

Deposit landfill  Fees 136.25 

Deposit landfill  Fees 28,194.90 

fuel 1,753.92 

Deposit landfill  Fees 529.72 

Deposit landfill  Fees 482.95 

fire extinguishers Miscellaneous 86.00 

Deposit landfill  Fees 2,724.70 

Deposit landfill  Fees 170.67 

Deposit landfill  Fees 417.19

Deposit landfill  Fees 695.79 

Deposit landfill  Fees 229.24 

Deposit landfill  Fees 193.46 

Deposit landfill  Fees 354.24 

Management fees 8,600.00 

bookkeeping 917.85 

Printing and Reproduction 67.00 

Gas and Electric 129.90 

Water 79.30 

Deposit landfill  Fees 1,121.11 

tonnage July/August Fees paid to State 1,815.51 

Deposit landfill  Fees 472.42 

Deposit landfill  Fees 1,046.94 

water system Building Repairs 667.51 

Deposit landfill  Fees 95.70 

Deposit landfill  Fees 225.56

-SPLIT- 1,501.89 

sales tax July/Aug Fees paid to State 2,901.65 

box rent office expenses 56.00 

Deposit landfill  Fees 644.14 

Deposit landfill  Fees 8,051.45 

Total Debit: 110,310.75

Total Credit: 64,403.11

Total Balance: 235,408.05

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting November 8, 2018 at the Mueller Center.

Submitted by Linda Mines


Published once at the total approximate cost of $157.50

Published: Sept. 27, 2018

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