PROCEEDINGS: Oelrichs School District: August 13, 2018


Minutes of the Board of Education of the 

Oelrichs School District 23-3

August 13, 2018

Call to Order: The Board of Education of the Oelrichs School District 23-3 met for a regular meeting on August 13, 2018 in the School Library. The meeting was called to order by Dave Osmotherly, Board President, at 5:41 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance Roll Call: Members Present: Dave Osmotherly, Dennis Quivey, Mandy Fleming, Vince Logue (arrived at 7:09 p.m.), and Jennifer Her Many Horses. Others Present: Dr. Stone, Deana Castro, Val Sword, Dana Brave Eagle, Tribal Education Director.

Motion was made by Her Many Horses to approve the amended Agenda, with addition of 2.1 Student Concerns, and 9.4 MOU of Dr. Roth, Logue seconded.

Motion made by Quivey to approve July 10th and August 1st meeting minutes, Logue seconded. July 17th minutes need changes made and will presented at the next meeting.

*All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise noted.

Student Enrollment: Motion was made by Quivey to go into Executive Session at 5:49 p.m.

Came out of Executive Session at 6:11 p.m.

Logue made a motion to approved the student to attend Oelrichs High School under specific conditions, pending a student contract, seconded by Tlustos.

Transportation: There was discussion regarding the school needing to purchase another vehicle that could carry 8-10 passengers, and to have 4x4 for winter weather. 

Quivey made a motion to approve the purchase of a 4x4 vehicle for up to $20,000, seconded by Her Many Horses.

Motion was made by Quivey to accept the presented students pending records receipt, seconded by Her Many Horses.

Fall NAFIS Conference: It was decided that Dave Osmotherly, Dennis Quivey, Lance Tlustos, and Mitch Stone will attend the fall NAFIS Conference in Washington DC in September.

Facilities: Discussed new building with an approximate budget of $5.1 million.

Superintendents House was discussed and a motion was made by Tlustos to change the rent to $500 per month including water, Quivey seconded. The house will be rented to a currently employed teacher.

Motion was made by Her Many Horses to waive the facilities use charge, seconded by Logue.

Financials: Val Sword presented the list of bills. Motion was made by Quivey to approve the list of bills, seconded by Logue. 

Motion was made by Her Many Horses to approve the monthly financials, seconded by Quivey.

Personnel: Motion was made by Quivey to approve the MOU for Dr. Susie Roth, seconded by Logue.

Reports: Dr. Stone reported that there has been no further applicants for the Music Teacher position. The Desk Audit, and Title 1 Program Reports are being completed. Discussed the hail damage report from the insurance company, Dr. Stone is still accepting bids for replacing the siding.

Motion was made by Logue to adjourn the meeting at 7:49 p.m.

Published once at the total approximate cost of $37.80

Published: Sept. 20, 2018

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