PROCEEDINGS: Fall River Water Users District


Fall River Water Users District

Board of Directors Regular Meeting

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

District Conference Room

Oral, SD 57766

Approved Minutes

Chairman Quivey called the meeting to order.

Directors Present: Lesta Conger, Dennis Quivey, Mick Jenniges, Josh Rickenbach, Jim Ginsbach and Ron Trent. Others Present: General Manager, Keith Neugebauer.

All motions are considered unanimous unless otherwise stated.

Motion by Jenniges to approve the Agenda with additions. Seconded by Ginsbach.

Chairman Quivey called for Conflicts of Interest. There were none.

Motion by Trent to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting, June 12, 2018 with corrections. Seconded by Rickenbach.

Chairman Quivey called for Public Comments. 

Motion by Ginsbach to approve Treasurers Report and approve payment of bills in the amount of $61,808.08 from the Water Service Fund. Construction Account, $5,108.98. Seconded by Rickenbach.

Water Service Fund: Badger, $1,473.45, Maint.; Bangs, Mccullen, Butler, Flye&Simmons, $1,132.50, North Well Professional Fees; Black Hills Electric Coop, $2,164.41, Electricity; Black Hills Energy, $2,939.66, Electricity; Bierschbach Equipment Supply, $166.00, Equipment Rental; Builder First Source, $66.00, Maint./Supplies;

Cheyenne Sanitation, $38.46, Garbage Service; City of Hot Springs, $6,194.15, Water; Conger, Lesta, $78.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Core & Main, $468.65, Supplies; Culligan, $11.50, Office Supplies; Custer Co.Planning Department, $450.00, Plat Application Fee; Custer Co. Highway Department, $874.00, 2016 North Expansion; Dakota Pump, $514.20, Supplies; DENR, $290.00, Dues; Debt Service Fund, $4,060.00, RDLoan - Swell pymt; Debt Service Fund, $3,438.00, RDLoan North Expansion pymt; Debt Service Fund, $3,163.00, RDLoan-NWell-pymt; Debt Service Fund, $4,237.59, SRF Payment; Debt Service Fund, $2,904.00, RDLoan-System Impv-pymt; Fall River Co. Herald, $64.89, Publications; First Interstate Master Card, $851.91, Office Supplies; First Interstate Master Card, $167.21, Maintenance – Dehumidifier; First Interstate Master Card, $852.00, Vermeer Equipment retail; First Interstate Master Card, $289.26, Fuel; First Interstate Master Card, $21.26, Board Meeting Supplies; Grainger, $276.31, Maint. Supplies; Golden West Telecom, $564.38, Phone Services; Great Western Tire Company, $337.80, Auto Maint; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, $28.46, Supplies; IDT, $270.00, Dues; Jenniges, Mick, $71.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Mid Continent, $1,398.55, Water Testing; Nelson Oil and Gas, $1,045.52, Fuel; Northwestern Power Equipment, $188.04, Repairs; Payroll, $12,206.24, Gross Employee Payroll; Quivey, Dennis, $90.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Rapid City Journal, $31.60, Publications; Retirement Contribution, $1,607.41, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Seger, Cam, $90.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; South Dakota Historical Society, $1,739.58, Fairburn Well-Professional Fees; SD one Call, $23.52, Fees; Trent, Ron, $71.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; USA BlueBook, $379.75, Supplies; Verizon, $75.33, Phone Services; Vermeer, $237.95, Equipment Rental; Wellmark, $2,705.11, Insurance; Xerox, $49.69, Maint.; 2 Shoes Enterprises,LLC, $1,410.74, Fall River Canyon / Hwy 385 Maverick; Total: $61,808.08

Construction Account: Engineering Associates, $5,108.98, North Expansion Fairburn Well 

Manager Neugebauer reported to the Board on the following:

1) We repaired a leak on our 6 inch at Maitland Road and Old Hwy 79 on June 15. The line was deflected going into the valve and caused the pipe to fail and crack.

2) We repaired a leak on the 10 inch main from our well just after the last river crossing along Fall River Road. The pipe was laid on a rock and caused the pipe to split. A whole stick of pipe was replaced.

3) We got the purchase agreement signed by Downen and working on plotting out the acre to purchase. 

4) I completed the Environmental Assessment for the well site and sent to RD for their review. The PER is just about complete and I hope to have the application submitted to RD by the end of this week.

5) We got the easement from Pleasant Ridge Ranch concerning temporary storage and the booster pump. The pump is ordered and I look for the parts to be here by next week.

6) The Second Quarter South Shore Well water quality test results all tested ok.

7) There is interest in service for 500 head of cattle just south of NE State Line. I contacted NE DENR and Drinking Water Program about concerns of a SD water system serving NE users. No additional requirements exist or prohibit us from connecting NE users that I have found.

8) I plan on installing a 1.5 meter in the line in the control vault that feeds the North Expansion from the South.

9) I met with the public works in Hot Springs after last month’s meeting and began the conversation about renewing our contract.

10) Reviewed yearly Water Usage Chart. 

11) Reported miles driven and gallons of fuel used on District vehicles.

New Business:

1) Motion by Rickenbach to transfer meter from Cody Work to Aaron Underwood. Seconded by Jenniges.

2) Motion by Ginsbach to approve application for service from Kaylee Olson. Seconded by Jenniges.

3) Motion by Jenniges to approve meter transfer from Bill Blickensderfer to Jeffrey Olson. Seconded by Trent.

4) Motion by Jenniges to approve Weinreis Brothers application for service. Seconded by Ginsbach.

5) Jenniges made a motion to table Grady Lockhart application for service. Seconded by Rickenbach.

6) Board discussed NE State Line Extension.

7) Motion made by Rickenbach to go ahead with Fairburn Well Site Survey. Seconded by Jenniges.

8) Motion by Jenniges to proceed with the South Shore Well project. Seconded by Trent.

Motion to go into Executive session at 2:10 p.m. by Jenniges. Seconded by Trent.

Out of Executive session at 2:18 p.m.

Motion to adjourn by Jenniges and seconded by Ginsbach.

Lesta J. Conger, Board Secretary

Published once at the total approximate cost of $71.82

Published: Aug. 30, 2018

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