PROCEEDINGS: City of Edgemont 7-17-18


City Of Edgemont

Edgemont Common Council

Regular Meeting

July 17, 2018

Call to Order – Roll Call: Mayor Jerry Dibble called the regular meeting of the Edgemont Common Council to order at 7:00  p.m. on July 17, 2018, at Edgemont City Hall. Present were Council members, Terry Leehey, Carla Schepler, Barbara Strozewski, Sandra Woodard and Robert Worden. Jason Shook was absent.

The Pledge of Allegiance was stated.

Conflict of Interest for Council Members: No conflicts were heard.

Approval of Agenda: Sandra Woodward made a motion to approve the July 17, 2018 agenda. Motion seconded by Carla Schepler. Motion passed with unanimous vote. 

Approval of Minutes: Sandra Woodward made a motion to approve the July 3, 2018 minutes. Motion was seconded by Terry Leehey. Motion passed with unanimous vote. 

Committee Reports:

Law Enforcement – Frank Kistler

Public Works Committee – Sandra Woodward

Finance/Personnel Committee – Sandra Woodward stated that the claims were reviewed and approved. Mayor – Mayor Dibble reminded everyone that the Fall River County Fair is fast approaching and would like people to clean up around their homes to make everything look nice for all of the visitors.

Public Comment: No public comment was heard.

Approval of Claims: Sandra Woodward made a motion to approve the July 17, 2018 claims totaling $35609.13. Motion seconded by Barbara Strozewski. Motion carried with unanimous roll call vote.

July 3-16, 2018 Salaries: Administration 1557.49, Fire Dept 225.61, Streets 1945.97, Airport 246.32, West Nile 159.97, Hospital 40.00, Pool 8.62, Park 486.40, Library 809.56, Museum 8.62, Water 1002.59, Sewer 475.54, Garbage 704.36. Total Salaries: $7671.05.

July 3-16, 2018 Expenditures: Amazon 33.21 dvds, Aflac 608.75 pharmaceutical allowance, CSLP 46.10 supplies, Core & Main 3296.70 supplies, Culligan 33.50 supplies, Danko 575.00 professional fees, FR Co Herald 81.54 publishing, Golden West 574.19 telephones, Golden West Tech 77.50 firewall, Hawkins 1519.28 chlorine, Metering & Tech Solutions 1860.68 equipment, MidContinent Labs 19.00 water testing, Nelson Oil & Gas 150.79 repairs, Power House 308.52 supplies, Pool & Spa 421.15 repairs, Rancher’s Feed 949.95 supplies, Sander Sanitation 4150.35 garbage, Steven’s Auto 79.14 supplies, Sturdevants 84.26 supplies, Sword & Ahrendt Law Office 1976.30 attorney, US Bank 5290.52 debt retirement, Van Diest Supply 3649.25 biomist, Warne Chemical 913.85 supplies, Custer-Fall River Landfill 591.27 Spring Cleanup landfill fees, Samantha Miller 163.93 reimbursement/books/dvds, Weebly 144.00 library website, Intuit 38.34 updates, Century Business 151.01 copier, SD Dept of Revenue 150.00 liquor license transfers. Total expenditures: $27938.08.

Old Business: No old business.

New Business: Mary Swanson – Rezoning Property by Bnsf: Mary Swanson stated that she would like to have her property located in the First Addition, Block 142, Lots 1,2,3 &4 located next to BNSF’s property. She stated that it is just being used for storage at the moment but, the house is in disrepair and they are considering taking down the house and replacing it with a metal building and using it for storage. The Council stated that they would forward this issue to the Planning & Zoning Committee.

Christina Hiesler – Fall Festival Update – Permission for Canoe Races: Christina gave an update on what is happening with events that the Edgemont Chamber of Commerce has planned for this year. She talked about the Fall Festival, Car Show, Buena Vista Bike Ride and the Canoe Races. She wants to ask the Council’s permission for the use of the City Park pond for the canoe races.

Sandra Woodward made a motion to approve the use of the pond at the City Park for canoe races on September 29, 2018. Motion was seconded by Barbara Strozewski. Motion carried with a unanimous vote. 

Andrea Powers – Economic Development: Andrea Powers discussed the opportunity for the City of Edgemont to apply for the Community Development Block Grant – Bulldoze Build and Beautify Activity. She explained how the process works and that a Home Study would benefit Edgemont in the future for more of these types of grants.

Ae2s – Dustin Dale: Dustin Dale gave an overview of the project to date and what the next steps that are to come. He stated that he needed Council approval to proceed with the next steps to apply for another grant to help with the increase of the costs for the new well.

Sandra Woodward made a motion to approve Dustin Dale to contact the DENR to apply for more grant monies. Motion was seconded by Carla Schepler. Motion carried with a unanimous roll call vote.

Igloo Bar – Temporary Liquor License – Class Of ’68 Reunion: Barbara Strozewski made a motion to approve the Igloo Bar temporary liquor license for August 3, 2018 for the Class of ’68 Reunion at the St James Parish Center. Motion was seconded by Robert Worden. Motion carried with unanimous roll call vote.

Ordinance 2018-07-17-1 – Water Works – First Reading

Ordinance 2018-07-17-2 – Sewer – First Reading

Adjournment: Sandra Woodward made a motion to adjourn at 7:58 p.m. Motion was seconded by Carla Schepler. Motion carried with unanimous vote.

The next regular City Council meeting will be held August 7, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes Unapproved


/s/Jerry Dibble

Jerry Dibble, Mayor


/s/Karen S Cain

Karen S Cain, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $66.15

Published: July 26, 2018

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