PROCEEDINGS: FRC Minutes 6-19-18


Fall River County Minutes of June 19, 2018

The Fall River Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on June 19, 2018 in the courtroom on the second floor of the Courthouse. Present: Ann Abbott, Joe Allen, Joe Falkenburg, Paul Nabholz, Deb Russell and Sue Ganje, Auditor. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was stated, and the meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.

The agenda was reviewed for conflicts; no conflicts notes. All motions recorded in these minutes were passed by unanimous vote, unless otherwise stated.

Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Abbott, to approve the agenda as written.

Discussion was held about the notification of the annexation of the Hot Springs Airport into the City. Nabholz noted concerns with the possible extra territorial jurisdiction and advised that the City of HS had taken it off their agenda to allow their attorney to review. Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Abbott to oppose the annexation until further information is provided.

Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to approve the auditor’s account with the treasurer as follows:

Auditor’s account with the County Treasurer to the Honorable Board of County Commissioners of Fall River County:

I hereby submit the following report of my examination of the cash and cash items in the hands of the County Treasurer of this County on this 31st day of May, 2018.

Total Amt of Deposit in First Interstate Bank: $1,231,772.40

Total Amt of Deposit in First National Bank of Lead: $1,000.00

Total Amount of Cash: $1,789.39

Total Amount of Treasurer’s Change Fund: $900.00

Total Amount of Checks in Treasurer’s Possession Not Exceeding Three Days: $14,800.79

Savings: First Interstate Bank: $251,291.00; First National Bank of Lead: $2,015,332.32

Certificates of deposit: First Interstate-Hot Springs: $3,650,237.92; Black Hills Federal Credit Union: $250,000.00; Bank of the West: $506,381.99

Itemized list of all items, checks and drafts that have been in the Treasurer’s possession over three days:

Register of Deeds Change Fund: $500.00

Highway Petty Cash: $20.00

Election Petty Cash: $15.00

Total: $7,924,040.81

Dated This 31st Day of May, 2018.

/s/Sue Ganje, County Auditor of Fall River County

County Monies: $7,333,671.10

Held for other Entities: $404,803.12

Held in Trust: $185,566.59

Total: $7,924,040.81

The Above Balance Reflects County Monies, Monies Held in Trust, and Monies Collected for and to be remitted to Other Entities: Schools, Towns, Townships, Fire, Ambulance and Road Districts, and the State.

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to approve the minutes for June 7, 2018.

Dustin Ross, Andersen Engineers, met with the board. Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz to approve the following plat:

Fall River County Resolution #2018-11

A plat of Lot 26 of Cobblestone Mountain Estates Subdivision, Located in the SE1/4 of Section 2, T7S, R5E, BHM, Fall River County, South Dakota

WHEREAS, there has been presented to the County Commissioners of Fall River County, South Dakota, the within plat of the above described lands, and it appearing to this Board that the system of streets conforms to the system of streets of existing plats and section lines of the county; adequate provision is made for access to adjacent unplatted lands by public dedication or section line when physically accessible; all provisions of the county subdivision regulations have been complied with; all taxes and special assessments upon the property have been fully paid; and the plat and survey have been lawfully executed; now and therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that said plat is hereby approved in all respects.

Dated this 19th day of June, 2018.

/s/Joe Falkenburg


Fall River County Board of Commissioners

/s/Sue Ganje, Fall River County Auditor

Michelle Jensen, Sheriff’s Administrative Assistant, met with the board. Falkenburg asked that Evans meet with the Board to discuss the Law Enforcement contract with the City of Edgemont for 2019. 

Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to approve hiring Frank Kistler, Deputy Sheriff, at $18.50, effective June 25, 2018, as per union contract.

Susie Simkins, Director of Equalization, met with the board. Motion made by Russell, seconded by Abbott, to allow Simkins to advertise for a permanent part-time position. With Allen and Nabholz voting no, all other voting yes, motion carries.

Jim Sword, State’s Attorney, met with the board. Sword presented a power point on things that are being done in his office since Senate Bill 70 passed in 2013. They are now creating solutions, which include a review of repayments on court appointed attorney fees, with no re-payments, they go back to jail. Sword noted that people on probation who hold a job have more success in changing bad habits. The commissioners were appreciative of the update.

Stacey Martin, GIS, met with the board to present her 2019 budget. Martin also discussed that she is still trying to get a quote on 911 address replacement signs, she will bring that back to the board. Martin mentioned that Nina Steinmetz and crew would be willing to help replace these signs when they cannot spray or do field work.

Paul Nabholz, Commissioner, met with the board. Nabholz explained he didn’t realize that they had more than three options at the June 7, 2018 meeting on the Chilson Bridge project. Nabholz believes that using the fourth option (the state would pass to the county state held funds for the project), would be the most cost effective and progress on the road would be much faster. Nabholz would like to get an easement on the north side of the road. Falkenburg has concerns about safety, easements with the Mickelson Trail and the railroad, and taking down the old bridge. Other commissioners had concerns of going back and forth on decisions and adding more delays to the project. Motion made by Nabholz, to approve having Brosz re-review costs on a proposed north access route with lower standards (25 miles per hour) for the road. Nabholz would contact Jim Miller to see if he would consider selling an easement or land for the bypass route. Falkenburg would also want a letter from the state that they would disburse $966,000.00 to the county. Motion dies for lack of a second.

Randy Seiler, Highway Superintendent, met with the board. Motion made by Russell, seconded by Abbott, to approve the Application for Road Approach Permit for Don Blausey, to construct an approach road connection to the west side of Old Highway 79, approximately 1.5 miles south of HWY 18/79, to serve a pasture.

Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Allen to approve two Application for Road Approach Permits for Zane Haase, one to construct an approach road connection to the east side of 28920 Old Hwy 79, approximately south of Maitland Road intersection and one to construct an approach road connection to the west of Horse Camp Rd., county road #1A, approximately Feeder Way Road intersection. Both approach’s are to be for a laydown yard entrance.

Seiler presented fuel quotes as follows:


8,000 Gal of E-10 Unleaded

M.G. Oil Company: $2.6394/gallon

Nelson’s Oil and Gas: $2.645/gallon

PJ’S Hi-D-Way: No Bid

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Abbott, to approve the low bid from MG Oil for 8,000 gallons for E-10 Unleaded for $2.6394 per gallon.

Seiler updated the board that oil company that will be drilling wells along County Road 8 agreed to fix any damage they may cause to the road. Pictures and a letter will be sent before the project starts as an agreement and proof of condition of the road.

Seiler stated that the rain has caused some problems on the roads, particularly Dewey Road. They will do maintenance when they can. Seiler also discussed his 2019 budget with the board. Seiler discussed that while in Pierre for training, he spoke with Kinniburgh and Brosz Engineering. They would not change plans until they got a new motion from the board.

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Abbott, to approve bills as follows:

General Fund: A & B Welding Supply Co., Welding Supplies/Lease, $205.71; Amick Sound, Inc., Service, $315.00; Anderson, Elaine, Election Day, $19.91; A’viands Llc, Inmate Food/Supply, $10,105.70;

 A-Z Shredding Inc, Shredding, $49.00; Beesley Law Office, Caaf/A&N, $6,163.90; Black Hills Chemical, Supply, $408.65; Black Hills Weekly Group, Subscription, $125.90; Black Hills Energy, Utlitiy Power Electric, $3,836.18; Cardmember Service, Cardmember Services, $3,299.57; Cascade Fire Department, Election Day Rental, $25.00; Century Business Leasing, Copier Lease & Usage, $1,010.12; Cheyenne Sanitation, Sanitation Collection, $371.73; City/Co Alcohol & Drug, Detox, $1,831.00; Clinical Laboratory Of, Autopsy, $1,629.00; Colbath, Angela M, Caaf, $1,611.00; Conger Ranch, Tax Refund, $62.03; Correct Rx Pharmacy Serv., Inmate Pharmacy, $301.42; Culligan Soft Water, Rental/Supply, $241.50; Davis, Jeremiah, A&N, $549.00; Demersseman Jensen, Caaf, $2,893.80; Ds Solutions Inc, Election Service, $192.50; Eagle Enterprises Llc, Supply, $288.00; Edgemont Senior Meals, 2018 Budget Allotment, $2,500.00; Election Systems & Soft, Election Maintenance, $2,700.66; En-Tech Llc, Fumigation, $110.00; Executive Mgmt Finance, Bit Network Fees, $132.50; Dude Solutions, Gis Support, $229.44; Farrell, Farrel & Ginsbach, Caaf, $3,501.40; Fink, Teresa L, Court Reporter, $314.00; 4-H Leaders Association, Achievement Funds, $2,900.00; Fall River County Herald, Publication, $1,203.25; Schmidt, Stacy, Travel Reimbursement, $32.00; Goff, Garland Lee, Caaf/Mental Illness, $3,274.30; Golden West Technologies, Service/Technology/Server/Ma, $3,837.94; Golden West, Phone Bill/Long Distance, $1,298.37; Silvernail, Julie, Election Day, $30.98; Harrington, Mardoqueo, Travel Reimbursement, $66.00; Harris, Betsey, Caaf, $2,148.98; Simkins, Susie, Travel Reimbursement, $77.00; Heartland Paper Company, Supply, $46.22; Hills Edge Auto Sales, Service/Repair, $1,362.79; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, Supply, $405.55; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supply, $965.04; City Of Hot Springs, City Water Bill/Airplane Maintenance, $354.08; Katterhagen, Mark, Mental Illness, $30.00; Leal, Frank, Translator, $62.50; Lewis & Clark Behavioral, Mi, $320.00; Lewno, Lucy, Mental Illness, $331.44; Lockwood, Darcy, Mental Illness, $30.00; Lynn’s Dak. Mart Pharmacy, Inmate Pharmacy, $154.59; Maciejewski, Anna, Travel Reimbursement, $32.00; Marco, Copier Lease, $155.00; Marty’s Auto Body, Car Maintenance, $950.00; Mastel, Bruce, Datbase Setup & Mon, $35.00; Mcleods Office Supply Co., Supplies/Election Supplies, $85.50; Meadows, Owen, Election Day, $130.00; Microfilm Imaging Systems, Scanning Equipment Lease, $185.00; Monroe, Heather, Transport Ride-A-Lon, $80.00; Nelsons Oil & Gas Inc., Utility, $3,057.96; Norton’s Sinclair, Auto Repair/Repair/Maintenance, $376.54; O’Day, Valarie, Court Reporter, $280.60; O’Neill, Justin, Caaf, $9,413.21; Park, Sally, Election School, $15.00; Penn Co Sts Attny Office, Mental Illness, $215.00; Pennington County Jail, Inmate Housing Pennington, $12,693.61; Phoenix Investigations, Investigation, $693.82; Reserve Account, Postage Pitney Bowes, $577.50; Pudwill, Norman, Lepc, $67.01; Quill Corporation, Office Supplies/Supplies, $1,222.38; Ramkota Hotel-Pierre, Hotel/Conference, $407.96; Rapid City Journal (The), Advertising/Proceedings, $769.61; Sd Department Of Revenue, Blood Draws, $385.00; Sdpaa, Liability Insurance, $76,379.60; Sd State Attorney Assoc, 2018 Association Dues, $998.00; Servall, Uniform Insurance/Rugs/Mats/Uniforms, $1,688.22; Shaw, Nikki, Travel Reimbursement, $32.00; Sperlich, Peggy, Election Day, $130.00; Skinner, Matthew L. Pc, Caaf, $1,182.93; Software Services Inc, Data Processing Bosonova, $1,140.00; State Remittance Center, Auto/Mi State Remitt, $3,309.84; Stephens Law Office, Caaf, $150.00; Stevens, Mikayla, Blood Draws, $525.00; Sword, James, Mileage Reimbursement, $14.72; Tem-Tech, Service, $1,266.06; Theilmann, Laurie, Election Day, $53.10; Tomlinson, Julie, Travel Reimbursement, $32.00; Trugreen Commercial, Lawn Care, $39.06; Twilight Inc, First Aid Supply, $37.75; Van Diest Supply, Supply, $1,094.10; Verizon Wireless, Cell Phone Plan, $801.38; Warne Chemical & Equip., Supply, $47.76; Western Mailers, Mailing Service, $1,010.13; Woody’s Work Shop, Car Maintenance, $139.50; Yankton Co. Sheriff, Mi, $100.00; Yankton Co. Treasurer, Mi, $237.50; Sharp, Barbara, Election Day, $19.91; Mason, Frank, Election Day, $68.76; Burden, Susan, Election Day, $115.00; Nelson, Cathy, Election Day, $19.91; Coates, Virginia, Election Day, $130.00; Eberle, George, Tax Refund, $0.58; Bastian, Tracy, Pilot, $175.00; Evangelista, Jill, Election Day, $170.00; Howard, Joan, Election Day, $19.91; Coates, Ed, Election Day, $115.00; Balgheim, Arthur, Election Day, $115.00; Benson, Connie, Election Day, $130.00; Birkholt, Frances M, Election Day, $130.00; Bowker, Roberta, Election Day, $130.00; Horton, Shirley, Election Day, $150.58; Stokes, Amy, Election Day, $130.00; Kunsman, Pauline, Election Day, $130.00; Stearns, Flora, Election Day, $130.00; Westby, Diana, Election Day, $115.00; Burris, David, Election Day, $115.00; Curley, Ianita, Election Day, $130.00; Carlson, Virginia, Election Day, $130.00; Witness, Expert Witness Service/Witness, $1,706.39; Rankin, Linda, Election Day, $130.00; Salles, Violet, Election Day, $130.00; Hicks, Luella, Election Day, $19.91; Andersen, Donald, Election Day, $130.00; Anderson, Pam J., Election Day, $130.00; Batchelor, Laura Ann, Election Day, $130.00; Spillane, Christa, Election Day, $130.00; Lesta Conger, Election Day, $130.00; Hansen, Judy, Election Day, $130.00; Emick,Diane, Election Day, $130.00; Frahm, Debra, Election Day, $130.00; Hall, Terri, Election Day, $30.98; Landers, Bernice, Election Day, $130.00; McDermand, Ann R, Election Day, $130.00; Mowry, Lana, Election Day, $130.00; Olofson, Sue A, Election Day, $130.00; Reed, Cynthia, Election Day, $130.00; Taylor, Yvonne, Election Day, $130.00; Martin, Miriam, Election Day, $130.00; Strauser, Garry, Election Day, $130.00; Wainman, Estelle, Transport, $40.00; Ruhoff, Dale, Transport, $80.00; Hamaker, Jill, Election Day, $21.00; Hamaker, Mathew, Election Day, $38.70; Nachtigall, Jean, Election Day, $115.00; Wittmeier, David, Election Day, $130.00; Kopsky, Alverna, Election Day, $130.00; Brown, Marita, Election Day, $115.00; Total For General Fund: $193,327.63

County Road & Bridge: A & B Welding Supply Co., Welding Supplies/Lease, $11.10 B H Electric Coop Inc., Utilities Smithwick/Utility Hwy Electric, $76.04; Bituminous Paving Inc, Material, $427,321.71; Black Hills Energy, Utility Power Electric, $520.80; Brosz Engineering, Inc., Road Project Contract, $15,482.50; Butler Machinery Co., Supplies/Repair, $812.84; Cardmember Service, Cardmember Services, $123.65; Cheyenne Sanitation, Sanitation Collection, $74.00; Conger Ranch, Tax Refund, $10.43; City Of Edgemont, City Of Edgemont Water, $80.60; Eddie’s Truck Sales, Repairs/Parts, $1,656.40; Golden West Technologies, Technology/Server/Ma, $2,603.85; Golden West, Phone Bill/Long Distance, $257.66; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supply, $368.55; Hot Springs Automotive, Auto Supply Parts, $228.71; City Of Hot Springs, City Water Bill, $19.31; Lyle Signs, Signage, $51.98; Mg Oil, Inventory/Supply, $2,045.55; Martin, Ken, Travel Reimbursement, $47.00; Rapid City Journal (The), Advertising/Proceedings, $171.00; Safety Kleen, Supplies, $124.47; Sd Dept Of Transportation, Road Project Cost Sharing, $6,171.54; Sdpaa, Liability Insurance, $15,705.35; Seiler, Randy, Cell Phone Reimbursement, $75.00; Builders First Source, Supply, $169.99; Total For County Road & Bridge: $474,210.03

911 Surcharge Reimbursment: Cardmember Service, Cardmember Services, $614.31 Century Business Leasing, Copier Lease & Usage, $43.50; Golden West Technologies, Technology/Server/Ma, $235.00; Golden West, Phone Bill/Long Distance, $756.91; Century Link, Dispatch Transfer License/911 Dispatc Incoming, $598.78; Sdpaa, Liability Insurance, $174.54; Twilight Inc, First Aid Supply, $20.50; Total For 911 Surcharge Reimbursment: $2,443.54

Fire Protection Fund: Sdpaa, Liability Insurance, $258.30;Total For Fire Protection Fund: $258.30

Emergency Management: Cardmember Service, Cardmember Services, $516.12; Golden West Technologies, Technology/Server/Ma, $235.00; Golden West, Phone Bill/Long Distance, $170.75; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supply, $35.38; Reserve Account, Postage Pitney Bowes, $3.50; Quill Corporation, Office Supplies, $74.99; Sd Dept Of Rev & Reg., License Plate, $21.20; Sdpaa, Liability Insurance, $1,345.36; Twilight Inc, First Aid Supply, $482.04; Verizon Wireless, Cell Phone Plan, $158.61; Total For Emergency Management: $3,042.95

L.E.P.C. Grant: Pudwill, Norman, Lepc, $105.00; Total For L.E.P.C. Grant: $105.00

Courthouse Building Fund: Christensen Electric, Llc, Service, $104.47; Conger Ranch, Tax Refund, $2.76; Eberle, George, Tax Refund, $0.03;Total For Courthous Building Fund: $107.26

Total Paid Between 6/06/18 And 6/19/18: $673,494.70

Break was taken at 10:20 a.m. Meeting resumed at 10:23 p.m.

Public comment was heard from Donna Behrens, who spoke of struggling businesses and workforce housing. 

Lyle Jensen, Building Supervisor, met with the board. Jensen discussed his 2019 budget. Jensen also discussed a quote from Golden West for $1,727.40 that will come out of the 2019 budget. This will help with internet security.

The following people met with the board for 2019 budget requests:

Peggy Koupal, Fall River Conservation District

Kehala Two Bulls, CASA

Greg Foust, Hot Springs Meals

Frank Gregg, Edgemont Senior Center and Senior Meals

Barb Cline, Prairie Hills Transit

Frank Maynard, Emergency Management, met with the board. Motion made by Russell, seconded by Abbott, to approve the quote for a cell phone booster from Rushmore Communications Inc. for the South Annex, in the amount of $1,109.00.

Maynard spoke for the command trailer being used by the Hot Springs Amateur Radio for exercise; training and accidents that he assisted with and his 2019 budget.

The board received notification on Bradley Keizer’s resignation. The board accepted this and noted appreciation by all, and he will certainly be missed.

Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Abbott, to adjourn at 11:29 a.m.

/s/ Joe Falkenburg

Joe Falkenburg, Chair

Board of Fall River County Commissioners


/s/ Sue Ganje

Sue Ganje, Fall River County Auditor

Published once at the total approximate cost of $207.27

Published: July 19, 2018

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