PROCEEDINGS: Town of Oelrichs June 12, 2018


Unapproved Minutes of Town Of Oelrichs
Regular Meeting June 12, 2018

The regular meeting of the Town of Oelrichs was called to order by J. Messinio at 7:00 p.m. 

Members Present: W. O’Connell, J. Messinio; K. Merdanian

Staff Present: R. Merdanian: R. Christman: S. Hamilton: K. Hunt present.

Guests present: Pat Logue, Les Cope. 

W. O’Connell moved to approve the agenda as presented. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion. Agenda approved as presented.

K. Merdanian moved to approve the minutes of May 8, 2018 with the correction of Ziemet to Simon Construction. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Minutes from May 8, 2018 approved with correction. 

Comments and Concerns: There were no comments or concerns.

Motion was made by K. Merdanian to pay following claims. Motion was 2nd by W. O’Connell.

General fund: Susan Hunt $52.50 (cleaning); Simon Construction $3,783.25 (Streets); Rachelle Christman $239.88; BHEC $797.26 AND $776.31 (auto pay); Fall River Co. Herald $56.07 (publishing); Town of Oelrichs $47 (transfer from general to water fund; Mike Schommer $1020(mowing); Dottie Messinio $35.15 (supplies); SDPAA $535.42 (insurance); Kate Merdanian $253.95 (door repairs); William O’Connell $350.59; Katie Merdanian $369.04; J. Messinio $405.94.

Water Fund; FRWUD $1088.46 (water); Roy Merdanian $348.29 (wages); Susan Hamilton $1420.80 (wages).

Water Report: R. Merdanian read the water meters a little later than usual. There were 36 days on this reading. He met with DENR representative regarding a report submitted. Everything was good with it except a math error which was corrected. Representative said there needs to be a screen over the overflow outlet on the water tower. 

Lynn McLaughlin talked with Roy Merdanian about her meter and curb stops. She says they sit higher than her driveway and asked if the town could be gravel around these as people have been tripping. 

Merdanian passed his certification test. He and Joe picked up files from Keith’s house and put in storage. 

The door will be fixed this month.

W. O’Connell moved to accept the water report. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion. Water report approved.

Treasurer’s Report: General checking beginning balance $18,164.71; credits $9,236.42; debits $3,756.91, ending balance $23,644.22. 

Water fund beginning balance $11,879.92, credits $6,025.60, debits $0. 

Asset Depreciation fund beginning balance $3,150, credits $1,950; debits $0.

Maintenance checking beginning balance $12,506.17; credits $100.32; debits $0.

General Fund savings beginning balance $27,766.47; credits $.70; debits $0.

Water Fund savings beginning balance $9,751.40; credits $.25; debits $.0.

Water deposit beginning balance $5,057.53; credits $.13; debits $0.

Water Reserve beginning balance $8,663.63; credits $.22; debits $0. 

W. O’Connell moved to approve the treasurer’s report. K. Merdanian 2nd. Report approved.

Clerk’s report: Mail was presented. There was no action required on any mail received. 

K. Merdanian moved to accept the Clerk’s report. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Report approved. 

Old Business: SPN contract was presented and signed as previously approved. Clerk was instructed to mail package back to SPN.

• Snow Removal bid was submitted along with the proof of insurance by Lynda Sue’s Paint and Snow Removal (previously R& S snow removal) K. Merdanian moved to accept the bid. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Motion approved.

New Business: Water assistant job duties and wages – K. Merdanian suggested increasing his wages due to certification. J. Messinio moved to table this issue for now. O’Connell 2nd. Topic tabled for now. 

• Railroad and 7th street extension of culvert – R. Merdanian did the leg work on this issue. He suggested 3 options:

1. Dig back to south to widen and put a longer culvert. East to west is cut short, needs a steel apron and leveled up. 

2. Dig a whole new longer culvert and bring road up.

3. Raise the n/e corner and extend that way.

K. Merdanian moved to have Roy decide if he can do the work and the cost and give estimates and recommendation at July meeting. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. 

• Fire Hydrants – soon to be flushed. R. Merdanian needs to know what to do with them if they are not working. K. Merdanian moved to consult with the Fire Chief about which ones are not working, taking into consideration the distance to the next working hydrant. If the Chief is not comfortable with the distance she moves to repair the necessary hydrants prior to grant work. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion.  Motion approved. 

• Water Tower paint – some discussion was held regarding the future plans for the color and scheme of the water tower. K. Merdanian moved to have J. Messinio seek out members of the community for a committee for a water tower contest. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Motion approved. 

• Request for a new off-sale malt beverage license in town. Les Cope was present to represent Lynn Anderson in his absence. He requested the form to complete. It was explained that only the owner could sign the legal paperwork unless he has a Power of Attorney. No action taken at this time. Publication and Hearing process was explained. 

Meeting moved into executive session at 8:26 p.m. Executive session ended at 9:05 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned by motion of President J. Messinio at 9:05 p.m. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion.

Rachelle Christman, 

Town Clerk

Published once at the total approximate cost of $69.30

Published: June 28, 2018

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