Real Estate Transfers: First half of May 2018

Here are the first half of May 2018 Real Estate Transfers for Fall River County. All addresses in South Dakota unless otherwise stated.

CD=contract for deed; WD=warranty deed; CO=court order; QCD=quit claim deed; SD=sheriff’s deed; PRDD=personal represent. deed of district; TTD=treasurer’s tax deed; OTJT=Order Terminating Joint Tenancy; AOTP=Affidavit and Order To Transfer Property; ATLE=Affidavit Terminating Life Estate; TDA=Transfer on Death Affidavit; SWD=Special Warranty Deed; TD=Trust Deed; P=Patent; ACD=Assignment of Contract for Deed; GD=Grant Deed; CDA=Contract for Deed Amendment; DLF=deed in lieu of foreclosure; FDD= Final Decree of Distribution; ED=Executor’s Deed; OTJTA= Order Terminating Joint Tenancy Amendment HD=Highway Deed.

Lewis Trust/Beverly Burnette Jensen and Jeanette, White River to Daniel D Gardner; Lots 3, 4, & 5 Block 20 Stewart’s Addn Lot 2 N47’ Lots 3, 4 & 5 N2 Lot 6 Block 20 Springdale Addn Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 $ 5 Block 21 Stewart’s Addn Less Lot H1 Lot 2 N2 Lot 6 Block 21 Springdale Addn Less Lot H1 Together with Vacated 22nd St ET AL. WD

Steven L, Marianna J Knutson, Robert, Gillette Wyo., to Robert W Arey, Cheyenne Wyo; Appaloose Ridge Tract Cobblestone Mountain Estates Sub in SE4 Sec 2 TWP 7 RNG 5. WD

William M Gabbert, Hot Springs to Kathryn M Scorte, Elgin Neb; E75’ Lot 7 & 8 Block 10 Original Town Hot Springs. WD
Barbara Bogner, Smithwick to Barbara Bogner, Nickolaus J Bogner III, Smithwick; N2NE4 Sec 24 TWP 8 RNG 7 N2 W2SE4 SW4 Sec 19 TWP 9 RNG 8. QCD

Jerald E and Melissa A Stearns, Edgemont to Brunson Ranch LLC, Edgemont; Brunson Tract Sec 1 TWP 10 RNG 2. WD

Ruth Olson, Hot Springs to Steven W and Karen M Yekel, Hot Springs; Tract Y-1 Revised & Lot 26 Revised Water’s Edge II Sub in N2 Sec 30 TWP 8 RNG 6. QCD

South Dakota Housing Development Authority, Pierre to Braniff W Smith, Hot Springs; Lot 33 Block 6 Original Town Hot Springs. WD

Paul S and Elizabeth E Williams, Vesta Minn to Ralph Richard Jr and Kimberly Ann McDade, Edgemont; N99.7’ of W150’ of Outlot C in SE4SW4 Sec 36 TWP 8 RNG 2 (formerly described by Metes & Bounds) & Tract A in SE4SW4 Sec 46 TWP 8 RNG 2. CD

Patrick C and Elizabeth M Campbell, Hot Springs to John and Bettie Branch, Hot Springs; Lot LN-2A of Tract LN-2 Back Nine Addn Hot Springs. WD

Canyon Land LLC, Rapid City to Debra K Johnson; Lot 25 Block 2 Angostura Land Estates in W2 Sec 29 TWP 8 RNG 6. WD

William James Parries and Yvonne Parries Kilbreth, Jamestown N.D. to Vollmuth Family Trust / Richard Vollmuth and Mary, Hot Springs; Lot 16 Block A Country Club Estates Sub n SE4NW4 SW4 Sec 22 TWP 7 RNG 5. WD

Quality Real Estate Inc, Oral to Leonard C and Kay F Benson, Oral; SE4 Sec 2 TWP 8 RNG 7. WD

Anthony J Derungs, Edgemont to Evergreen Ranching and Livestock LLC, Custer; S2SW4 Sec 13 S2 Sec 14 N2NW4NW4 NE4NW4 N2NE4 SW4NE4 NE4SW4 (Sub of SE4SE4 into Lots 1 thru 12) NKA SE4SE4 Sec 23 E2NW4 SW4NW4 S2NW4NW4 NW4NE4 W2SW4 SE4SW4 SW4SE4 Sec 24 TWP 9 RNG 3. WD

Canyon Heights Properties LLC, Neosho M.O. to Samuel L and Kortney N Hall, Hot Springs; NE2NE4SW4 N2SE4NE4SW4 SE4SE4NE4SW4 NE4NE4SE4SW4 NW4SW4SE4 NE4SW4SW4SE4 W2SE4SW4SE4 N2SW4SW4SE4SW4 S2NE4SW4SE4SW4 Sec 9 TWP 7 RNG 5. WD

Roy D and Patricia L Ehlers, Hot Springs to Windshadow Farm and Real Estate LLC, Hot Springs; Lots 14A and 14D Block 23 Supplemental Plat Hot Springs together with the perpetual right to use jointly wit the adjacent property owner a strip of land 3’ wide extending E & W North of the N Line of above described lands ET AL. CD

Quality Real Estate Inc, Oral to Patrick and Elizabeth Campbell, Hot Springs; GC-101 Boulder Falls Addn Hot Springs. WD

Quality Real Estate Inc, Oral to Rodney W and Jennifer L Watts, Hot Springs; Lot GC-97 Boulder Falls Addn  Hot Springs. SD

Discovery Zone Child Development Center LLC, Hot Springs to Boys & Girls Clubs of the Black Hills, Hill City; Lots 7, 8, 9 & 10 W51’ of E90’ Lots 11 & 12 Block 1 Original Town Hot Springs. WD

Wayne and Georgia Meyer, Winner to Wayne and Georgia Meyer Living Trust, Winner; Lot 17 Replat of Valley View in SW4SW4 Sec 19 TWP 7 RNG 6. QCD

Ricks Auto Center & Sales, Pringle to Bethany Freshour, Edgemont; Lot 11 Block 10 Original Town Edgemont. QCD

Larry W Langer Estate to Mariann Langer, Hot Springs; W12’ Lot 24 All Lots 25 & 26 E13’ Lot 27 Block 15 Fargo & Prentice Addn Hot Springs. OTJT

Donna Kay Dryden Estate/Stephanie L Vollmar, Hot Springs to Stephanie L Vollmar, Lori L Morse, Wendy S Dryden, Hot Springs; E2 Lot 11 All Lot 12 Block 1 Stewarts Addn Hot Springs. PRDD

Tommy W and Cindy L Peacock, Tempe Ariz to Steven and Denise T Rizner, Hot Springs; Lot 6 Block 10 Stewart’s Addn (sometimes called Stewart’s Addn) Hot Springs. WD

Cornerstone Courtyard LLC, Hot Springs to Body Count Tattoo LLC, Hot Springs; Cornerstone Courtyard Tract 1 Block 1 Original Town Hot Springs. CD

Harry R Fordyce Sr to Jack and Lindy Edwards, Hill City; Lots 11 & 12 Block 11 Fargo & Prentice Addn  Hot Springs. WD

Mary Teresa and Brian P Begley, Vermillion to John P and Elisabeth M Hollman, Hot Springs; Lot 12 & Lot 14 Green Acre Estates in N2NW4 Sec 34 TWP 7 RNG 5. WD

Paul A and Jean E Schuchardt, Hot Springs to Paul Edward and Lucia M Stanslaw, Hot Springs; Lot H (AKA Tract H) Block 19 Original Town Hot Springs. WD

Charles L Huddleston Estate/Jerry A Huddleston, Hot Springs to Geraldine F Huddleston Estate, Hot Springs; Lots 5 & 6 Block 4 Original Town Hot Springs. PRDD

Geraldine F Huddleston Estate/Jerry A Huddleston, Hot Springs to Hot Springs Housing and Redevelopment Commission, Hot Springs; Lots 5 & 6 Block 4 Original Town Hot Springs. PRDD

James Scott Goeman, Hot Springs to James Scott and Denice Janice Goeman, Hot Springs; Tract A-2 in S2N2 Sec 15 TWP 8 RNG 6 less Lot H1. QCD

James Scott Goeman, Hot Springs to James Scott and Denice Janice Goeman, Hot Springs; Petty Tract #1 in NW4SW4 Sec 23 TWP 8 RNG 6. QCD

James Scott Goeman, Hot Springs to James Scott and Denice Janice Goeman, Hot Springs; Lot 16 Block 1 Long’s Resort Lakeview Acres Sub in W2NW4 Sec 2 TWP 9 RNG 6, QCD

Eloise One Feather, Hot Springs to Jocelyn and Michael Mills, Hot Springs; Lot 47A & S13’ Lot 48A Block 2 Trimmer Addn Hot Springs. WD

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