PROCEEDINGS: Oelrichs town minutes 5-8-2018


Unapproved Minutes of Town Of Oelrichs
Regular Meeting May 8, 2018

The regular meeting of the Town of Oelrichs was called to order by J. Messinio at 7:02 p.m.

Members Present: W. O’Connell, J. Messinio; K. Merdanian

Staff Present: R. Merdanian, R. Christman. Susan Hamilton, Keith Hunt present.

Guests present: Vince and Pat Logue, Lynn Anderson, Larry Osmotherly.

W. O’Connell moved to approve the agenda with the addition of 3 items under new business; The small room at the Community Center, Destruction of records, Executive session. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion. Agenda approved as presented.

W. O’Connell moved to approve the minutes of April 10, 2018 with the addition of the word “the” in the water report. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion. Minutes from March 13 approved as presented.

Comments and Concerns: There were no comments or concerns.

Motion was made by K. Merdanian to pay following claims. Motion was 2nd by W. O’Connell.

General fund: Susan Hunt $52.50 (cleaning); Dave Osmotherly $300 (snow removal); Rachelle Christman $268.33, Holcer & Co. $75 (1st qutr); Rosane Enterprises $610.00 (dumpster); BHEC $872.12 (auto pay); Fall River Co. Herald $288.05 (publishing); Town of Oelrichs $39.50 (transfer from general to water fund; Mike Schommer $450 (mowing).

Water Fund; FRWUD $1097.89 (water); Roy Merdanian $382.88 (wages); DSG$320.05 (repair supplies); Susan Hamilton $13.02 (postage); Stamp Fullfillment $306.25 (envelopes).

Water Report: R. Merdanian read the water meters two times in April; once at the beginning and once at the end of the month. The floating actuator and transformer have been repaired. The monthly report was done and sent to the state.

K. Merdanian moved to accept the report. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Water report approved.

Treasurer’s Report: There were only 3 bank statements received. General checking beginning balance $17,114.18, credits $2,279.69, debits $1,229.16, ending balance $18,164.71. Water fund beginning balance $11,398.97, credits $2,409.97, debits $1,928.14. Asset Depreciation fund beginning balance $3,150. K. Merdanian moved to approve the treasurer’s report.

Clerk’s report: Christman presented SDPAA insurance forms to be signed and returned. Also presented were the DENR certificates of recognition to the town of Oelrichs and to Keith Hunt for his work on the water system for Oelrichs.

K. Merdanian moved to accept the Clerk’s report. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Report approved.

Old Business: Bond insurance with Cap Specialty has been cancelled and SDPAA has been notified to add it to their insurance. 

• Grant Application – Messinio moved to accept the grant awarded to the town of Oelrichs. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Motion approved. 

• Building Repairs – Roy said he spoke with Russ Nathan regarding repairing the door to the office. He suggested the town replace the door. Messinio moved to replace the door and frame with a digital lock, not to exceed $600. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion. Motion approved.

New Business: Malt Beverage license – K. Merdanian moved to approve the renewals of the 2 malt beverage licenses. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. 

• Gravel, road work, community center parking lot- Roy contacted Zeimet Construction regarding a bid for the street work and gravel for the streets and parking lot. Roy suggested going with a 5 trucks and pups of gravel and the grading work to the streets and the parking lot of the community center. W. O’Connell moved to get 5 trucks/pups of gravel and the 19 hours work proposed by Zeimet. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion. 

• Small room in the community center – The discussion was about using the room for town board things only and to put a combination lock on the door. After discussion, a motion was made by Messinio to use the room for an office for the town of Oelrichs and to allow the employees of the town board, the board members and the fire chief the combination of the lock and to keep it locked when not in use so that town board records can be secured. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion. Motion approved. 

• Destruction of old town records – K. Merdanian reports that records older than 4 years can be destroyed. K. Merdanian moved to be able to burn the old records. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Motion approved. 

Meeting moved into executive session at 8:06 p.m. Executive session ended at 8:30 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned by motion of President J. Messinio at 8:30 p.m. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion.

Rachelle Christman, 

Town Clerk

Published once at the total approximate cost of $56.07

Published: May 24, 2018

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