PROCEEDINGS: Town of Oelrichs April 10, 2018


Unapproved Minutes of Town Of Oelrichs

Regular Meeting April 10, 2018

The regular meeting of the Town of Oelrichs was called to order by J. Messinio at 7:02 p.m. 

Members Present: W. O’Connell, J. Messinio; K. Merdanian

Staff Present: R. Merdanian, R. Christman, Susan Hamilton, Keith Hunt absent.

Guests present: None. 

Kate Merdanian moved to approve the agenda as presented. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Agenda approved as presented.

W. O’Connell moved to approve the minutes of March 13, 2018. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion. Minutes from March 13 approved as presented. 

Comments and Concerns: There were no comments or concerns.

Motion was made by W. O’Connell to pay following claims. Motion was 2nd by K. Merdanian.

General fund: Susan Hunt $75.00 (cleaning); SDOne call $3.15; Rachelle Christman $239.88.

Water Fund: FRWUD $956.83 (water); Roy Merdanian $32.48 (repair supplies); Mid Continent $68.18 (water testing); Roy Merdanian $366.28 (wages).

Water Report: Keith Hunt is in hospital again. Roy Merdanian has been doing the water superintendent duties while Keith is ill. Roy reported that someone had contacted the town regarding buying water from the town this summer for road construction. Roy is trying to find out the man’s name and number. The actuator part has not arrived yet so he is still going over to turn the tower off and on. There were to be 4 meters shut off. Merdanian spoke with customers and warned them about it and to make arrangements with Susan Hamilton. 

W. O’Connell moved to accept the report. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion. Water report approved.

Treasurer’s Report: There was no report.

Town Clerk’s Report: There was nothing to report from the clerk.

K. Merdanian moved to approve Clerk’s report. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Report approved. 

Old Business: Insurance – Jerry Krambeck from SDPAA presented information regarding the services SDPAA can provide. He provided a quote from SDPAA for property insurance for the building and the water tower owned by the town. The property insurance provides coverage for replacement cost of lost property He also provided information about employee liability insurance. A policy providing a million dollar coverage for every board member and employee can be provided for $25 a year. We are currently paying $303 a year for only 2 employees for only $50,000. 

K. Merdanian made the motion to purchase the property insurance from SDPAA as there is none in place. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Motion approved. Clerk will let Mr. Krambeck know of desire to purchase.

Grant application: J. Messinio, K. Merdanian and R. Merdanian went to the DENR meeting the end of March regarding the town’s grant application. Members were informed the grant was awarded at an 80/20 percent basis. 80 percent being grant, 20 percent being a loan. Representative from SPN, the engineering company and Bill Lass are willing to come back to provide information to the public about the grant and the process. J. Messinio agreed to contact them about a good date to be before the May meeting. This item will be on the May agenda for the board to make a decision to accept or not to accept the grant. 

New Business: Bids, mowing, snow removal, road grading. – Mike Schommer submitted the only bid for mowing. K. Merdanian moved to accept Schommer’s bid. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Mowing bid was accepted as given. 

There were no bids presented for snow removal or for road grading. Bids will be solicited. 

• Repairs to building – AC unit needs to be looked at to fix the leak. K. Merdanian moved to call someone to repair. J. Messinio 2nd the motion. The door to the small room needs to be repaired or replaced. It does not close properly. W. O’Connell moved to try to fix it first. K. Merdanian 2nd the motion to try to fix.

Meeting was adjourned by motion of President J. Messinio at 8:30 p.m. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion.

Rachelle Christman, 

Town Clerk

Published once at the total approximate cost of $49.77

Published: April 26, 2018

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