Real Estate Transfers: 1st half of April 2018

Here are the first half of April 2018 Real Estate Transfers for Fall River County. All addresses in South Dakota unless otherwise stated.

CD=contract for deed; WD=warranty deed; CO=court order; QCD=quit claim deed; SD=sheriff’s deed; PRDD=personal represent. deed of district; TTD=treasurer’s tax deed; OTJT=Order Terminating Joint Tenancy; AOTP=Affidavit and Order To Transfer Property; ATLE=Affidavit Terminating Life Estate; TDA=Transfer on Death Affidavit; SWD=Special Warranty Deed; TD=Trust Deed; P=Patent; ACD=Assignment of Contract for Deed; GD=Grant Deed; CDA=Contract for Deed Amendment; DLF=deed in lieu of foreclosure; FDD= Final Decree of Distribution; ED=Executor’s Deed; OTJTA= Order Terminating Joint Tenancy Amendment HD=Highway Deed.

James J and Barbara S Meyer, Edgemont to Robert S and Elizabeth Ann Johnson, Hermosa; E2 Lot 9 W2 Lot 9 Block 10 Birdsell Addn Edgemont. CD

David Hale, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ to Ronald G and Barbara J Engelbrecht, Hot Springs; Lot 4 & N20’ Lots 5 & 8 Block 9 Petty Addn Hot Springs Together with S2 Vacated Alley Lying Adjacent to Lot 4 & Vacated Alley Between Lots 4, 5 & 8 & Lot 4 N20’ Lot 5 All Lot 6 Block 14 Deldee Addn Together with S2 Vacated ET AL. WD

Boustead Properties Inc, Bismarck N.D. to Ross C and Holly K Koile, Alvin Texas; Lot 10 Sonrise North Sub in SE4NW4 Sec 1 TWP 7 RNG 5. WD

Stanley J Johnsen Concrete Contractor Inc, Rapid City to Roger S Johnsen, Rapid City; Lot 13 & 22 Block 2 Angostura Land Estates in Sec 29 TWP 8 RNG 6. QCD

Kim Marie Gregg; Jeffrey Eugene Heldman,; Tommy; McDonough GA to Randolf K Hilding, Ft Pierre; Lots 3 & 4 Block 20 Catholicon Hot Springs Addn Hot Springs. WD

Clifford J and Debra R Bienert, Rapid City to Clifford J and Debra R Bienert Revocable; Lot GC-27 Boulder Falls Addn in Sec 22 TWP 7 RNG 5. TD

Cody Work; Brian Stevens; Danielle Stevens, Rapid City to Brian Stevens; Danielle Stevens; Aaron Underwood, Rapid City; Lot 17 Block 3 Long’s Resort Lakeview Estates in N2SE4NE4 SE4SE4NE4 Sec 3 TWP 9 RNG 6. QCD

Joseph W and Leora Meek Dappen, Hot Springs to Jacob and Novotny and Kristi Watson, Hot Springs; Tracts A & B of Lot 4 Buena Vista Sub No. 1 & Dappen Tract in NE2 Sec 32 TWP 7 RNG 6. WD

Rodney and Jennifer Watts, Hot Springs to Val N Hirst, Hot Springs; Lot B9-20B Back Nine Addn Hot Springs. WD

Matthew J and Terri L Borden, Selma Texas to David A and Amanda J Galdo, Buffalo Gap; Lot 70 Sand Creek Reserve Sub in E2 Sec 6 TWP 9 RNG 8. WD

Shelly Lockhart, Hot Springs to Rolling Homes LLC Rapid City; Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13 Less Lot H1 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 Block 15 Catholicon Hot Springs Addn Hot Springs. WD

Rita L Lund Estate to Donald L Lund, Hot Springs; Lot A Block 2 Angostura Heights Sub Sec 34 TWP 8 RNG 6. OTJT

Danny G Harley, Hot Springs to Danny G Harley Trust / Danny G Harley, Hot Springs; Lot 11 Block 22 Minnekahta Addn Hot Springs. TD

Glenn E and Evelyn Bowen Trust, Piedmont to Matthew Bowen, Scenic; Lot 5 Block 4 Long’s Resort Lakeview Estates Sub in Gov’t Lot 1 Sec 3 TWP 9 RNG 6. TD

Matthew Bowen, Scenic to Wade Miller, Hot Springs; Lot 5 Block 4 Long’s Resort Lakeview Estates Sub in Gov’t Lot 1 Sec 3 TWP 9 RNG 6. WD

Planet Home Lending LLC, Meriden CT to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Oklahoma City OK; Lot 9 & E13’ Lot 10 Block 3 Grandview Place Addn Hot Springs. SWD

Cheyenne River Ranchettes LLC, Colorado Springs, CO to Cale Etter, Boerne Texas; Lot 29 Sand Creek Reserve Sub in E2W2 E2 Sec 6 TWP 9 RNG 6. WD

Margaret Ikonen, Hot Springs to Robert Ikonen, Hot Springs; NW4NW4 (AKA Gov’t Lot 1) Less NW4NW4NW4 Sec 19 TWP 9 RNG 6 & NW4NW4NW4 Lying South of Angostura Road Sec 19 TWP 9 RNG 6. Corrective Deed

Roberta J Kennedy, Columbia SC to Gary W and Debra J Weishaupl, Hot Springs; W2 Lot 7 Block 1 Deldee Addn Hot Springs Together with N2 of Vacated University Avenue Adjacent Thereto. WD

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