PROCEEDINGS: FR Water Users District


Fall River Water Users District

Board Of Directors Regular Meeting

Tuesday, March 10, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

District Conference Room - Oral, SD 57766

Approved Minutes

Chairman Quivey called the meeting to order.

Directors Present: Cam Seger, Dennis Quivey, Mick Jenniges, Jim Ginsbach, Josh Rickenbach and Ron Trent. Others Present: General Manager, Keith Neugebauer

All motions are considered unanimous unless otherwise stated.

Motion by Jenniges to approve the agenda. Seconded by Rickenbach.

Chairman Quivey called for Conflicts of Interest. There were none.

Motion by Trent to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting, March 13, 2018 with corrections. Seconded by Rickenbach.

Chairman Quivey called for public comments. There were none.

Motion by Rickenbach to approve Treasurers Report and approve payment of bills in the amount of $53,706.82 from the Water Service Fund. Seconded by Trent.

Badger, $1,410.75, Maint.; Black Hills Electric Coop, $1,473.19, Electricity; Black Hills Energy, $2,980.08, Electricity; Builders First Source, $30.19, Maint./Supplies; Cheyenne Sanitation, $38.46, Garbage Service/House Rubble; Culligan Water, $6.79, Office Supplies; Dearborn, $37.80, Life Ins.; Debt Service Fund, $4,060.00, RDLoan - Swell pymt; Debt Service Fund, $3,438.00, RDLoan North Expansion pym; Debt Service Fund, $3,163.00, RDLoan-NWell-pymt; Debt Service Fund, $4,237.59, SRF Payment; Debt Service Fund, $2,904.00, RDLoan-System Impv-pymt; Engineering Associates, $2,520.00, Fairburn area Hydrogeologic Review; First Interstate Master Card, $39.71, Maint. Supplies; First Interstate Master Card, $254.92, Auto Maint.; First Interstate Master Card, $226.51, Supplies Paint; First Interstate Master Card, $84.83, Days Inn Pierre; First Interstate Master Card, $125.68, Fuel; First Interstate Master Card $9.94, Mailing; First Interstate Master Card, $167.38, Office Supplies; SD Federal Property Agency, $60.00, Supplies battery and cart; Fall River County, $1,019.57, Real Estate 1st Half Taxes 2018; Gardner Structures, $6,964.29, Maint. Repairs; Golden West Telecom, $567.13, Phone Service; Ginsbach, Jim, $88.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Grainger, $145.92, Supplies; Great Western Tire, $657.12, Maint. Tires Feb; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, $55.93, Maint./Repairs; IDT Informational Data Tech, $270.00, Dues/Readers; Jenniges, Mick, $71.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Nelson Oil & Gas Inc, $522.10, Fuel; Payroll, $10,105.57, Gross Employee Payroll; SD Rural Water , $175.00, Membership; Rapid City Journal, $177.86, Publications #21072703 #21072702; Rickenbach, Josh, $80.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Quivey, Dennis, $90.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Seger, Cam, $90.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; SD One Call, $5.60, Locates; SD Retirement/Contributions, $1,377.41, Employer Contributions; Trent, Ron, $71.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; WD Automation Inc, $1,574.87, Maint./Modem; Wellmark BCBS, $2,282.60, Health Insurance; Xerox, $47.03, Maint.; Total: $53,706.82

Manager Neugebauer reported to the Board on the following:

1) Beacon has improved their software to better track water through both zone and customer meters.

2) Manual meter reading and leak checking at meter pits is ongoing.

3) A new pit was installed on Pleasant Ridge Road due to a leaking coil.

4) The DENR Sanitary Survey is scheduled for the end of April.

5) South Well work is tentatively scheduled for the end of April.

New Business:

1) Motion by Jenniges to approve application for service for Alfred Heiberg, 13212 Hillsview Dr. Seconded by Ginsbach.

2) Motion by Trent to approve service for Stoyan Lucey on Old Hwy 79. Seconded by Rickenbach.

3) Motion by Rickenbach to approve 8422.00 to John Wetstein to proceed with a preliminary engineering report on a potential well Trent 

4) Motion by Seger to proceed with a preliminary purchase agreement for the new well site. The purchase agreement will be drawn up by the attorney for FRWUD. By Ginsbach

5) Motion by Seger to approve the purchase of a dehumidifier for PRV station. Seconded by Jenniges.

Old Business: Replacement of North well pump was discussed and tabled with no action.

Motion to go into executive session at 2:28 p.m. by Jenniges. Seconded by Trent.

Out of executive session at 2:36 p.m.

Motion to adjourn by Jenniges and seconded by Rickenbach. 

Cam Seger, 

Board Vice President

Published once at the total approximate cost of $54.81

Published: May 10, 2018

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