Proceedings: FRC Commissioners Feb 6, 2018 (reprint)


Fall River County Minutes Of February 6, 2018

The Fall River Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on February 6, 2018 at the South Annex. Present: Joe Allen, Joe Falkenburg, Paul Nabholz, Deb Russell and Sue Ganje, Auditor. Ann Abbott was absent.

The Pledge of Allegiance was stated and the meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.

The agenda was reviewed for conflicts; none were noted. All motions recorded in these minutes were passed by unanimous vote, unless otherwise stated.

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to approve the agenda as written.

Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to approve the minutes of January 16, 2018.

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Allen, to approve the December 31, 2017 Auditor’s Account with the Treasurer as follows:

Auditor’s account with the County Treasurer to the Honorable Board of County Commissioners of Fall River County:

I hereby submit the following report of my examination of the cash and cash items in the hands of the County Treasurer of this County on this 30th day of November, 2017.

Total Amt of Deposit in First Interstate Bank: $1,063,317.98

Total Amt of Deposit in First National Bank of Lead: $1,000.00

Total Amount of Cash: $1,808.16

Total Amount of Treasurer’s Change Fund: $900.00

Total Amount of Checks in Treasurer’s Possession Not Exceeding Three Days: $51,076.78

Savings: First Interstate Bank: $206,538.05; First National Bank of Lead: $2,005,208.64

Certificates Of Deposit: First Interstate-Hot Springs: $3,658,361.80; Black Hills Federal Credit Union: $250,000.00; Bank of the West: $500,000.00

Itemized list of all items, checks and drafts that have been in the Treasurer’s possession over three days:

Register of Deeds Change Fund: $500.00

Highway Petty Cash: $20.00

Election Petty Cash: $15.00

Returned Checks: Nichols, Sharyl – $77.70, 11/17/2017

Total: $7,738,644.11

Dated this 30th Day of November, 2017.

/s/Sue Ganje, County Auditor of Fall River County

County Monies: $7,215,668.10

Held for other Entities: $343,310.23

Held in Trust: $179,665.78

Total: $7,738,644.11

The Above Balance Reflects County Monies, Monies Held in Trust, and Monies Collected for and to be remitted to Other Entities: Schools, Towns, Townships, Fire, Ambulance And Road Districts, And The State.

No county assistance or burial applications were submitted for action. 

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to approve the following resolution:

Fall River County Resolution #2018-03

WHEREAS, pursuant to SDCL 12-15-11, the Board of County Commissioners at their first meeting shall set a fee for Election Board and the mileage rate;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Fall River County Board of Commissioners have set the FLAT FEE FOR ATTENDANCE OF ELECTION SCHOOL AT $15.00; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Fall River Board of County Commissioners has set the fee for Election Boards for the Primary and General and all Special Elections as follows:



BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Fall River County Commissioners set the mileage rate at $.42 per mile for the transporting of ballots and ballot boxes by the precinct superintendent.

Dated this 16th day of January, 2018.

/s/Joe Falkenburg, Chairman

Fall River Board of County Commissioners


/s/Sue Ganje, County Auditor, Fall River County

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Abbott, to approve the agreement between Fall River County and the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance.

Susie Simkins, Director of Equalization and John McBride, Andersen Engineers, met with the board about the first reading of the section line ROW ordinance. McBride stated that they had recently gone to training and noted changes that he is now currently aware of. He asked the board to table this for an amended version. The board will revisit a first reading on the amended ordinance at the February 6, 2018 meeting.

Frank Maynard, Emergency Management, met with the board. Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to approve the list of 2018 volunteers, as is on file at the auditor’s office.

Motion made by Abbott, seconded by Allen, to authorize Maynard to proceed with 2017 Homeland Security Grant and purchase a trailer and UTV tracks to be paid by the county, and then reimbursed by the state.

Motion made by Allen, seconded by Russell, to approve Maynard to proceed with the court security grant, to be paid by county, and then reimbursed for 50% of the expenses by the state.

Maynard reported fire incidents and gave updates on generator HLS funds.

Lyle Jensen, Building Supervisor, met with the board to present a quote for a keypad to lock the meeting room door at the South Annex in the amount of $4,471.67. Jensen will bring back to the next meeting with it listed as the meeting room door rather than the security door on the agenda.  

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to approve an Enterprise Bandwith Master Service Agreement quote from Golden West for the courthouse, in the amount of $895.00 per month. This is to replace the current agreement which is at a monthly cost of $1,277.00.  

Discussion was held on insuring a generator. Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to add coverage to insure the South Annex generator, with a value of $20,000.00.

Motion made by Abbott, seconded by Russell, to approve the quote for a steam coil for the jail air handler, to be delivered in three weeks, in the amount of $2,040.00, which includes freight.

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Abbott, to approve a quote for a new sign and the street number for the Director of Equalization in the amounts of $539.00 and to change the Veteran’s Service Officer Sign to Emergency Management in the amount of $167.00.

Dan Cullen, Veteran’s Service Officer, met with the board, to give his quarterly report.

Bob Evans, Sheriff, met with the board. Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Allen, to approve the hiring of Michael DeBoer, jailer, at $12.50 per hour, as per union contract, effective January 3, 2018.

Sue Ganje, Auditor, brought back to the board a section of the proposed Fall River County Poor Relief Guidelines for review. Allen questioned if assistance applicants could meet in a setting that offered privacy, Russell noted that she did not believe state law allowed this. The commission addressed areas the auditor requested. 

Randy Seiler, Highway Superintendent, met with the board. The board reviewed fuel and propane bids as follows:

1-8-18 1-12-18

8000 Gallons #1/#2 Diesel blend Propane

Nelson’s $2.40/gallon 1.49/gallon

CBH COOP No Bid No bid

Dakota Propane No Bid No bid

MG Oil Company No Bid No bid

Bill Tanner Fuel No Bid No bid

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Abbott, to accept the low and only bid from Nelson’s Oil and Gas, Inc for 8000 gallons #1/#2 diesel blend at $2.40 per gallon and propane at $1.49 per gallon.

Motion made by Allen, seconded by Russell to approve travel for Seiler to attend the short course training in Deadwood, March 20 and March 21, 2018. The board asked that Seiler come back with a report.

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Allen, to set a hearing for chip sealing on the 2018 projects. Bids will be publicly opened on February 20, 2018 at 10:15 a.m. The deadline to receive the bids for chip sealing will be February 15, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. This will allow time for the highway superintendant and engineer’s to review bids for compliance.

Chip sealing on old Highway 18 in 2018 was briefly discussed, with the board asking Seiler to hold off until things are settled on that road. 

Motion made by Abbott, seconded by Russell, to approve bills as follows:

General Fund: Audra Hill Consulting, Inc, MI QMHP Evaluation, $362.92;   A’viands Llc, Inmate Meals, $29,135.00; A-Z Shredding Inc, Shredding, $84.60; Beesley Law Office, Caaf, $5,700.48; Black Hills Chemical, Supply, $517.84; Boys And Girls Club Bh, 2018 Budgeted Allotment, $7,500.00; Century Business Leasing, Copier Lease & Meter, $396.40; Chris Supply, Supply, $11.79; Colbath, Angela M, Caaf, $2,311.7; Davis, Jeremiah, Caaf, $316.80; Dean Schaefer Court Rep, Court Reporter, $30.00; Demersseman Jensen, Caaf, $3,751.60; Edgemont Ymca, Budgeted Allotment, $1,000.00; Edgemont Senior Citizens, 2018 Budgeted Allotment, $3,000.00; En-Tech Llc, Fumigation, $110.00; Fall River Clinic, Inmate Medical, $509.60; Fall River Health Service, Inmate Medical, $4,398.81; Farrell,Farrell & Ginsbach, Caaf, $164.50; Fall River County Herald, Publication, $1,267.41; Fall River Cty Treasurer, MH Taxes, $168.23; Goff, Garland Lee, Caaf, $6,632.81; Golden West Technologies, Tech Support, $499.35; Grey &Eisenbraun Prof. LLC, Caaf, $1,569.80; Harris, Betsey, Caaf, $3,622.50; Heartland Paper Company, Parts, $109.65; Hobart Sales & Service, Service, $1,056.90; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supply, $332.56; Hot Springs Automotive, Supplies, $9.48; Hot Springs Public Libray, 2018 Budgeted Allotment, $20,000.00; Katterhagen, Mark, Mental Illness, $15.00; Lewis & Clark Behavioral, MI, $160.00; Lewno, Lucy, Mental Illness, $150.46; Liberty Chrysler Center, Vehicle Maintenance, $64.30; Lockwood, Darcy, Mental Illness, $15.00; Lynn’s Dak. Mart Pharmacy, Inmate Pharmacy, $292.31; Mcleods Office Supply Co., Township Books, $63.23; Medical Waste Transport, Medical Waste, $192.64; Norton’s Sinclair, Repair/Maintenance, $70.00; Oelrichs Community Center, 2018 Budgeted Allotment, $1,500.00; O’neill, Justin, Caaf, $1,405.96; Pennington County Jail, Inmate Housing Pennington, $2,625.00; Quill Corporation, Supplies, $1,118.53; Radiology Associates, Inmate Medical, $176.40; Rapid City Journal (The), Publication, $1,797.15; Southern Hills Economic, 2018 Budgeted Allotment, $6,000.00; SD Department Of Revenue, Blood Draw, $70.00; SDSU West River Ag Center, Mileage Reimbursement, $58.78; Servall, Rugs/Mats/Uniforms, $338.90; Skinner, Matthew L. PC , Caaf, $8,396.80; Spitzer Construction Inc, Snow Removal, $2,500.00; Spitzer, Kristi, Travel Reimbursement, $43.00; Spot Wranglers, Service Contract, $550.00; State Supply, Supply, $258.08; Stephens Law Office, Caaf, $1,030.00; Stevens, Mikayla, Blood Draw, $150.00; Twilight Inc, First Aid Supply, $199.02; Weed & Pest Conference, 2018 Weed & Pest Contract, $300.00; Sides, John, Jury Fee, $451.20; Yankton Co. Sheriff, Papers Served, $50.00; Yankton Co Treasurer, MI, $118.75; Jury Fees, First Quarter, $6,075.82; Witness Fees, First Quarter, $40.84; Total For General Fund: $130,847.90

County Road & Bridge: Brosz Engineering, Inc., Project Planning/Testing, $2,975.00 Forward Distributing, Parts/Supply, $203.40; Powerplan BF, Parts, $425.72; Rapid Delivery, Delivery, $35.36; Seiler, Randy, Cell Reimbursment, $75.00; Total For County Road & Bridge: $3,714.48

911 Surcharge Reimbursment: Century Link, Dispatch Transfer/911 Dispatch Incoming, $596.49; Total For 911 Surcharge Reimbursment: $596.49

Emergency Management: Fall River County Herald, Publication, $40.92; Hot Springs Automotive, Supplies, $39.99; Rapid Chevrolet Cadillac, Vehicle Maintenance, $56.15; Rapid City Journal (The), Publication, $37.58; Totals For Emergency Management: $174.64;

24/7 Sobriety Fund: Gen Diagnostics Inc, 24/7 Supplies, $2,076.50; Intoximeters. 24/7 Supplies. $975.00; Totals For 24/7 Sobriety Fund: $3,051.50

Courthouse Building Fund: Christensen Electric, LLC, Electrician, $5,348.42; Golden West Technologies, Service, $1,272.82; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supply, $631.10; Spot Wranglers, Service Contract, $2,235.00; Total For Courthouse Building Fund: $9,487.34

Total Paid Between 1/3/18 And 1/16/18: $147,872.35

Break was taken at 10:07 a.m. Meeting resumed at 10:15 a.m.

Public comment was heard from Paul Nabholz and Jim Angell. Nabholz advised he has sent out an email to 174 Power Global to get further information for a better estimate on revenues. Nabholz sent an email to the State’s Attorney concerning the fox and costs could be a lien on the owner. Angell noted that he didn’t like certain comments that had been made during the 1-3-18 meeting on the Chilson Bridge.

Falkenburg opened public comment and discussion on the Chilson Bridge, asking for one or two residents in the area to be spokesman for the group so the auditor can let people know when the Chilson Bridge is on the agenda to keep them informed. Discussion was held on use of eminent domain, project timeline, appraisals and negotiations, evaluation of costs, hiring outside attorneys, and information on the history of the road purchase for the bridge, bridge grants and letters to representatives expressing concerns.

Joe Allen left the meeting at 11:07 a.m.

The board received a document of SD Game Fish and Park’s activities for 2017. Falkenburg has questions on the amount paid by the county to the state on predator control (wildlife damage management), and asked the Auditor to try to get Keith Fisk from GF&P to a future meeting.

Paul Nabholz, Commissioner, spoke of tracking the equipment in the Highway Department by GPS. There are possibilities to do this through Caterpillar or Verizon. This may help when commissioners get phone calls at home so they can see the progress during storms, etc. Seiler spoke of daily forms operators fill out on what roads they work on, machine costs etc, but expressed caution on giving time estimates to landowners for road graders to arrive during emergency snow removal due to possibilities of pulling graders from road to road as needed, breakdowns and other issues encountered. Other commissioners noted either no need for the tracking, or it could be considered if there are problems, no comments to pursue.

George Kotti, Hot Springs Mayor; Dawn Johnson, Hot Springs Librarian and Kim Barbieri, City Administrator, met with the board to discuss Prairie Hills Transit. Kotti spoke of the responsibilities and needs the council considered for their upcoming budget, as commissioners did for their budget. There are several big projects coming up in the City of Hot Springs over the course of the next few years and there are limited funds for outside organizations. The funding of non-profit organizations is a question. Kotti also noted their offer for a bus garage, land and utilities to PHT. The embezzlement issue within PHT was discussed. Kotti encouraged citizens to use United Way and Prairie Hills Transit to do fundraising to make up the difference.

Funding for the HS Library by users in the county was also discussed. Falkenburg asked to meet with the City to continue working on the solution for public transportation. Librarian Dawn Johnson updated the board regarding their recent award of being in the top 15 libraries in the nation in the budget area, noting staff’s positive attitudes, membership and patronage.

Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to adjourn the meeting at 11:20 a.m.

/s/ Joe Falkenburg

Joe Falkenburg, Chair

Board of Fall River County Commissioners


/s/ Sue Ganje

Sue Ganje, Fall River County Auditor

Published once at the total approximate cost of $183.33

Published: Feb. 15, 2018

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