Real Estate Transfers: 1st half February

Real Estate Transfers

Here are the first half of February 2018 Real Estate Transfers for Fall River County. All addresses in South Dakota unless otherwise stated.

CD=contract for deed; WD=warranty deed; CO=court order; QCD=quit claim deed; SD=sheriff’s deed; PRDD=personal represent. deed of district; TTD=treasurer’s tax deed; OTJT=Order Terminating Joint Tenancy; AOTP=Affidavit and Order To Transfer Property; ATLE=Affidavit Terminating Life Estate; TDA=Transfer on Death Affidavit; SWD=Special Warranty Deed; TD=Trust Deed; P=Patent; ACD=Assignment of Contract for Deed; GD=Grant Deed; CDA=Contract for Deed Amendment; DLF=deed in lieu of foreclosure; FDD= Final Decree of Distribution; ED=Executor’s Deed; OTJTA= Order Terminating Joint Tenancy Amendment.

Arnold P Hald And Betty J Hald, Oelrichs to Grady A Lockhart And Lisa J Lockhart, Oelrichs, All Sec 21 S2 Sec 22 Sw4 Sec 23 W2W2 Sec 27 N2 E2SE4 NW4sSW4 Sec 28 Twp 10 Rng 9. WD                     

David Augustine Estate to Roberta Augustine, Edgemont, Lots 15 18 19 & 20 Block 1 Extension Plat Of Rancho Hacienda  Estates In SW4 Sec 1 Twp 9 Rng 2 Lots 5 6 & 7 Block 2 Extension Platof Rancho Hacienda Estates Edgemont. OTJT  

Historic Log Cabins Motel LLC, Hot Springs to Ricky L Malcolm And Shayla Malcolm, Hot Springs, Lots 1 Thru 13 Block 21 Mammoth Springs Addn Hot Springs & Outlot 202A Of Hot Springs Outlots In SW4NW4 Sec 13 Twp 7 Rng 5 Less Lot 202AB. WD                      

Cheyenne River Ranchettes LLC, Colorado Springs Colo. to Lauren Christine Nichols, Calverton NY, Lot 53 Sand Creek Reserve Sub In E2W2 E2 Sec 6 NE4NE4 Sec 7 Twp 9 Rng 8. WD                    

Thomas Leonard Swett And Christina Paulette Swett / Brittany Lace Faye Brown AIF, Hot Springs to Jesse Paul Leonard Swett And Brittany Marie Swett, Hot Springs, Lot 2 Evans Heights Addn Hot Springs. WD                      

Doris V Truth, Hot Springs to Doris V Truth And Bruce J Truth, Hot Springs, Lots 11 & 12 Block 4 Stewarts Addn Hot Springs. QCD                  

Steven W Yekel And Karen M Yekel, Hot Springs to Ruth Olson, Hot Springs, Tract Y-2 Revised Water’s Edge II  Sub (Formerly A Pt Of Tract Y2 & Lot 26) In N2 Sec 30 Twp 8 Rng 6. QCD                   

Mountain High Limited, Morgan Hill Cali. to Paha Sapa Foundation, Morgan Hill Cali, W2NE4NW4 W2NW4 Less Pt NW4NW4 Lying North Of Hwy 71 Less H1 Less Pt Of Tract Paha Sapa Sec 25 Twp 7 Rng 5. QCD                  

Black Hills Federal Credit Union, Rapid City to Bent Pine Properties LLC, Hot Springs, Tract R10 A Sub Of N2NW4SW4 Sec 13 Twp 7 Rng 5 (Sometimes Referred To As Outlot 207). WD                     

Bobby R Sherlin; Roberta Asbridge; Camelia Pawlowski, Edgemont to James Juliano And Debra Juliano, Edgemont, W2 Lot 8 All Lots 9 & 10A Block 1 Plains Addn Edgemont.WD                  

Robert S Klein And Judith A Klein (Aka Judy Klein), Hot Springs to Monte G Bertsch, Hermosa, Lots 1 & 2 Block 20 Phillips Addn  Hot Springs. WD                   

Robin L Davis Estate (Aka Rob Davis Estate) /Rebecca Krein PR, Selby to Joseph R Cronen And Mary H Cronen, Littleton Colo, Lot 6 Block 2 Ponderosa Sub (Formerly Crowell Tract) In NW4 Sec34 Twp 7 Rng 6. PRDD

Robert W Risinger, Washougal Wash to Laura B Marciniak, Hot Springs, W45’ Lot 6 Block 5 Grandview Place Addn Hot Springs. WD                    

Joan J Arneson Estate / Lyle Arneson Estate -  Deann Arneson PR Lyle Arneson Estate, Hot Springs, E2SE4SE4 Lying South Of Us Hwy 18 Sec 20 Twp 7 Rng 5. OTJT  

Lyle E Arneson Estate / Deann J Arneson PR, Hot Springs to MCM LLP, Hot Springs, E2SE4SE4 Lying South Of Us Hwy 18 Sec 20 Twp 7 Rng 5. PRDD 

Deann J Arneson; Garrett E Arneson; Julie A Arneson, Hot Springs to MCM LLP, Hot Springs, E2SE4SE4 Lying South Of Us Hwy 18 Sec 20 Twp 7 Rng 5. QCD                  

Jason  Starr, Hillman Minn to Shane O Bennett and Joanna Bennett, Wellington Colo, Lots 9 & 10 Block 7 Birdsell Addn Edgemont. WD


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