Proceedings: Edgemont School District 1.8.18


Edgemont School District 23-1

January 8, 2018

The Edgemont School District 23-1 board of education met in regular session on Monday, January 8, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the Edgemont School Library. Vice Chairwoman Humiston called the meeting to order.

School Board members Connie Gerard, Susan Humiston, Shane Miller and Justin Printz are present. Gary Darrow was absent.

Administration present: Dave Cortney, Superintendent, Amy Ferley, Principal, Lane Ostenson, Dean of Students and Diane Stevens, Business Manager. 

The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion by Printz seconded by Gerard to remove item II. Executive Session A. Personnel and approve the agenda. 

Motion by Gerard seconded by Printz to approve the minutes of the December 11 and December 18, 2017 meetings.

The financial reports were reviewed. 

Receipts And Cash Balances; December 2017

General Fund Receipts: Taxes $35,433.57; Interest $472.50.; Admissions $570.00; County Apportionment $821.17; Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Reimbursement $1,009.98; State Aid $42,859.00; Other State Revenue-(CGI Grant) $1,731.01; National Mineral Leasing $24,372.10; Taylor Grazing $1,295.86,.

Balance 12/01/17 - $556,419.23. Total Receipts $108,565.19; December Claims $132,897.86; GL Adjustment $93.24; Balance 12/31/17- $532,179.80.

Capital Outlay Receipts: Taxes $26,482.74; Donations $20,000.00. 

Balance 12/01/17- $794,362.63. Total Receipts $46,482.74; December Claims $11,742.04; Balance 12/31/17 $829,103.33. 

Special Education Receipts: Taxes $14,619.90.

Balance 12/01/17- ($17,409.93). Total Receipts $14,619.90; December Claims $27,090.20.; GL Adjustment ($93.24); Balance 12/31/17 ($29,973.47). 

Pension Fund Receipts: Taxes $7.20.

Balance 12/01/17- $181,024.07. Total Receipts $7.20; December Claims $0; Balance 12/31/17 $181,031.27.

Food Service Receipts: Sales to Pupils $1,046.86; Sales to Adults $505.84; Ala Carte Sales $2,457.85; Federal Reimbursement $3,424.60.

Balance 12/01/17- ($4,245.93). Total Receipts $7,435.15; December Claims $8,932.91; Balance 12/31/17 ($5,743.69).

Motion by Printz seconded by Miller, to approve payment of claims as presented.

January Claims: General Fund: Elementary School, Payroll, $37,127.96; High School, Payroll, $23,791.67; Friday School/ELT, Payroll, $35.52; Title 1, Payroll, $7,739.48; Guidance, Payroll, $2,591.24; Library, Payroll, $1,034.71; Technology, Payroll, $3,830.63; Board of Education, Payroll, $258.36; Superintendent’s Office, Payroll, $8,993.85; Principal’s Office, Payroll, $8,688.05; Business Office, Payroll, $5,571.91; Maintenance, Payroll, $5,942.90; Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program, Payroll, $74.42; Boy’s Athletics, Payroll, $316.73; Girl’s Athletics, Payroll, $3,552.72; Co-Curricular Transportation, Payroll, $1,682.16; Co-Curricular, Payroll, $326.30; Amazon, Elem and Technology Supplies, 141.92; Black Hills Energy, December Electricity, 3,847.65; Century Business Products, Inc., Copier Maintenance, 214.15; Cheyenne Sanitation, December Garbage Removal, 325.00; City of Edgemont, December Water, 280.10; Fall River County Herald, 11-13 & 12-11 Proceedings, 212.31; Fall River Health Services, DOT Physical - N Cortney, 204.00; Follett School Solutions, RPS Online AR/RC Single Site Support, 199.00; Fresh Start Convenience Store, Ice and fuel for vehicles, 1,047.52; G & R Controls, Inc., Shop Boiler Repairs, 622.45; Golden West, Telephone, 364.67; Hauff Mid-America Sports, 5 Basketball Scorebooks, 31.25; Heisler, Christina, Mileage paid to parents, 228.48; Jaymar Business Forms, Inc., 2017 Tax Documents, 117.26; Jessica VanEaton, Mileage Paid to Parents, 90.72; JW Pepper & Son, Inc., Christmas Music, 384.68; Mendtronix, Repair Damaged Smart Board Projector, 435.55; Nelson, Miranda, mileage paid to parents, 414.40; Nyquist, Eva, Mileage Paid to Parents, 322.56; Peterson, Holly, Mileage paid to parents, 55.44; Printz, Melody, Mileage paid to parents - 2 Months, 416.64; Quill Corporation, Misc. Supplies, 435.40; Ranchers Feed & Supply, Inc., Maintenance & Science Supplies, 229.36; Reinhart Food Service, LLC, Fruit, Veggies and Supplies for FFVP, 378.26; Reutter, Rebecca, Mileage paid to parents - 2 Months, 117.60; Schaack, Paula, Mileage paid to parents, 64.68; SD Department of Health, School Health Nursing Services, 546.00; Tonkin, Kari, Mileage paid to Parents, 184.80; Training Room Inc., Athletic Supplies, 311.94; Trust and Agency Imprest Fund, 12-07 Wrestling Official, 200.00; Trust and Agency Imprest Fund, 12-07 Wrestling Official, 282.88; Trust and Agency Imprest Fund, State FB Room and AED Replacement Pads, 360.06; Trust and Agency Imprest Fund, 12-21 Ref HSBBB vs Harding County, 165.40; Trust and Agency Imprest Fund, 12-21 Ref HSBBB vs Harding County, 168.76; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, 12-21 Ref HSBBB vs Harding County, 131.80; Trust and Agency Imprest Fund, December Payroll Processing, 10.50; Urban, Michelle, Mileage paid to parents, 134.40; Wellmark, January 2018 Health Insurance, 16,420.50; Total: 141,656.70

Capital Outlay Fund: Audio-Video Solutions, Inc., Wireless Microphone and Processor, 401.15; Barker Concrete and Construction, Inc., Football Field/Track Improvements, 59,425.63; Follett School Solutions, 4 6th Grade Textbooks and 10 Library Books, 415.80; Pro Sports, Basketball Score Boards, 13,296.15; Ranchers Feed & Supply, Inc., Supplies to hang scoreboards, 22.90; Welding Shop, The, Shot Clock Brackets, 266.42; Total: 73,828.05

Special Education Fund: Special Education Teachers, Payroll, $15,945.02; Special Education Administration, Payroll, $2,776.17; Custer Regional Hospital, November OT, 1,022.41; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co, Special Ed Testing - WJIV ACH STD Tests, 215.74; Small Talk Speech Therapy, Inc., December 2017 Speech Therapy, 2,385.00; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, December 2017 Web Md, 39.00; Wellmark, January 2018 Health Insurance, 1,599.50; Total: 23,982.84

Food Service Fund: Food Service, Payroll, $2,940.90; Blue Ribbon Maint. Supplies, Food Service Supplies, 77.12; Dean Foods, food for lunchroom, 542.04; Reinhart Food Service, LLC, food and supply for lunchroom, 2,820.53; Total: 6,380.59

Total to Checking: 245,848.18 

Mrs. Stevens, Mr. Ostenson, Mrs. Ferley and Mr. Cortney gave their administrative reports.

Mr. Cortney wanted to thank the Bethel Assembly Church for the hours of volunteer painting they have been doing in the school.

Mr. Cortney would also like to thank Stevens Automotive, Barker Concrete & Construction, Amerprise Financial, Cheyenne River Animal Hospital and Hi-D-Way Oil & Gas/Bills Heating for their donations which helped purchase new scoreboards and shoot clocks for the Gym and the football field.

Noted: the Edgemont Herald Tribune has now become the Fall River County Herald which will remain the official newspaper for the Edgemont School District.

The maintenance report was reviewed.

Motion by Printz seconded by Miller to approve the Maintenance report as presented.

The transportation report was reviewed.   

Motion by Printz seconded by Gerard to approve the Transportation report as presented. 

Mrs. Humiston gave the Black Hills Special Services report.

Motion by Printz seconded by Miller to declare the following items as surplus for sale:

1 Football Scoreboard and 2 Basketball Scoreboards

Motion by Printz seconded by Miller to enter into executive session at 7:15pm.

The board came out of executive session at 8:10 p.m.

Motion by Miller seconded by Gerard to adjourn the meeting at 8:22 p.m. 

Minutes approved this 8th Day of January, 2018. 

Diane Stevens, Business Manager

Susan Humiston, Vice Chairwoman

Published once at the total approximate cost of $89.46

Published: Jan. 18, 2018

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