The Shakespeare Club Jan 5, 2018

The Shakespeare Club met at the United Churches on January 5, 2018.  Delores and Barb were our hostesses.  Barb served a delicious dessert.  We had a recap of the Christmas in the Hills events.  It was noted a book has been selected for the library in memory of Phyllis Nowlan.  Dawn John Johnson gave an interesting program and slide show on the history of the Evans Hotel.  Businessmen wanted to make Hot Springs a tourist destination capitalizing on the hot spring water.  The hotel was built at a cost of $250,000 in 1892.  It hosted guests from all around the world as well as Mrs. Buffalo Bill Cody and her daughter.  The bath house annex boasted new treatments including the needle bath and the electric bath.  Now the Evans serves our community as a HUD facility for the elderly.

Fall River County Herald Star

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