Notice of Hearing_FRC_Owner of Private Roads

Notice of Hearing

Notice is hereby given that the Fall River County Board of Commissioners will hold a hearing on February 1, 2024 at 9:30 a.m. to determine if the County shall continue contracting with owners of private roads within Fall River County for emergency maintenance. Maintenance of private roads by the County is authorized by SDCL 31-11-41 – 31-11-45.
This hearing will be held at the Courthouse in Hot Springs in the Courtroom on the 2nd floor. If you are unable to attend, written comments may be sent to the County Auditor at 906 N River Street, Hot Springs, SD 57747.
Dated this 4th day of January, 2023.
/s/ Sue Ganje, Fall River County Auditor
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Published: Jan. 18, 25, 2024

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