Proceedings_Oelrichs School District April 17, 2023


Minutes of the Board of Education of the
Oelrichs School District 23-3
Regular Board Meeting
April 17, 2023
Call to Order: The Board of Education of the Oelrichs School District 23-3 met in regular session on April 17, 2023, in the library. The meeting was called to order by Dave Osmotherly, Board President, at 5:00 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call: Members Present: John Cope, Katie Merdanian, Dave Osmotherly, Marty Schommer, and Lance Tlustos.
Administration Present: Dr. Mitchell Stone, Principal Peterson, Attorney Mike Hickey, Business Manager Sword, and Activities Director James Knutson.
MOTION by Cope, second Merdanian, to approve March 20, 2023, meeting minutes. Motion carried.
MOTION by Tlustos, second Merdanian, to approve the amended agenda, add item 5.4 Health Insurance. Motion carried.
*All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise noted.
Public Participation: Befekadu Tewahade, OEA President, hand delivered a letter written to the board by Sandy Arsenault, SDEA Plains UniServ Director.
Old Business:
High School Construction: Dr. Stone informed the board that legal counsel will be sending a letter to Scull regarding the settlement of the high school gym flooring and the insurance check the school will not be a party to. A HVAC Specialist will be submitting a quote to inspect the insulation and heating units at the high school. Golden West created a layout for security cameras at the high school and will be adding the elementary and bus barn to the proposal. Approximately 11,000 square feet of grass coverage is needed at the high school. Heath Greenough will provide work on the football field.
Board Reports: Merdanian attended BHSSC meeting; they increased insurance options available to school districts.
Administration Reports: Activities Director (AD) Knutson attended the state AD conference in Pierre. He participated in leadership training courses, future rule changes for long term planning, and was able to set the basketball schedule for next school year.  He informed the board that Oelrichs will be hosting an elementary track and field day on May 10. He is working with IHS to have an onsite clinical physician provide athletic physicals for next school year.
Stone completed the Homeland Security grant, all of the components to the grant are complete and the request for funds has been submitted. This grant provided doors and cameras to increase the security of the school. Stone informed the board that the passenger van will be delivered this week. The elementary replacement roof is scheduled to start at the end of May. State grants are open, Stone will begin working on the applications for 1003 School Improvement for all three schools, Title I, and Reap. He will also begin work on Indian Education and Federal Reap.
Principal Peterson informed the board that state testing has started this week. Saturday the school will be hosting Prom. The middle and high school music concert is scheduled for May. She also gave recognition to Katie Bauder for providing CPR training to high school students. In her closing remarks she shared a positive experience with local law enforcement.
Financials: MOTION by Merdanian, second Tlustos, to accept the unaudited financial reports and pay all invoiced claims. Motion carried. MOTION by Tlustos, second Merdanian to transfer $500,000 from Impact Aid to the General Business. Motion carried.
General Fund
Beginning Balance: 181,602.48
Plus Receipts: 71,881.94
Less Disbursements: 195,449.90
Ending Balance: 58,034.52
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: 432,488.71
Plus Receipts: 15,169.96
Less Disbursements: 3,823.73
Ending Balance: 443,834.94
Special Education
Beginning Balance: 97,165.20
Plus Receipts: 12,058.0
Less Disbursements: 19,369.56
Ending Balance: 89,853.67
Impact Aid
Beginning Balance: 4,452,559.45
Plus Receipts: 1,002,438.68
Ending Balance: 5,454,998.13
Food Service
Beginning Balance: 3,897.97
Plus Receipts: 24,700.45
Less Disbursements: 11,288.39
Ending Balance: 17,310.03
Custodial Balance
Beginning Balance: 21,108.86
Less Disbursements: 393.41
Ending Balance: 20,715.45
MOTION by Cope, second Schommer to providing Black Hills Educational Benefits Cooperative Group Health Plan A and Plan D to employees, with the district paying Plan A single premium health and life. Motion carried.
Rental Applications: MOTION by Cope, second Tlustos to approve Malachiah Fleming’s Application for Rental of School Facility, elementary school gym, June 2 and 3rd with the request to have alcohol on the premises. Motion carried.
MOTION by Tlustos, second Cope to approve Roy Merdanian, group Oelrichs Historical Society, Application for Rental of School Facilities on April 23 with the request to have alcohol on the premises. Merdanian abstained due to conflict of interest. Motion carried.
Certificate of Election: MOTION by Merdanian, second Tlustos to accept the certificate of election, John Cope duly nominated and having no opposition at the School Board Election is declared elected to the School Board of Oelrichs School District for the term of three years, beginning July 1, 2023. Cope abstained. Motion carried.
Associated School Board Work Comp Renewal 2023-2024
MOTION by Cope, second Merdanian to adopt, approve, and ratify the ASB Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund Participation Agreement. Motion carried.
SD High School Activities Association 23-24: MOTION by Tlustos, second Merdanian to authorize membership in the South Dakota High School Activities Association beginning July 1, 2023, and ends June 30, 2024. Motion carried.
Contracts: MOTION by Cope, second Schommer to accept Just for Kids Speech to provide speech and language services for the 2023-2024 school year. Motion carried.
MOTION by Cope, second Tlustos to accept the contract submitted by Brenda Selan to provide OT services for the 2023-2024 school year. Motion carried.
MOTION by Schommer, second Cope to hire Cheryl Lamont as the 2023-2024 pre-school teacher for $50,000 plus any negotiated increase. Motion carried.
Open Enrollment: MOTION by Merdanian, second Tlustos to approve open enrollment for student 55; Cope oppose. Motion carried.
Personnel: MOTION Tlustos, second Schommer, to accept the resignation from Theresa Kelly. Motion carried.
MOTION Cope, second Merdanian, to accept the resignation from Sheryl Kirkeby. Motion carried.
MOTION Merdanian, second Schommer, to accept the resignation from Masha Fehr. Motion carried.
Negotiation: No action taken.
Executive Session: MOTION by Tlustos, second Merdanian to go into executive session at 5:59 p.m. for SDCL 1-25-2.4 preparing for negotiations and 1-25-2.1 employee matters. Returned to regular session at 7:07 p.m.
Snow Days: MOTION by Cope, second Tlustos to rescind the motion on March 20, 2023, regarding teachers working snow days. Motion carried.
MOTION by Cope, second Tlustos to have teachers make up 10 contracted days that were lost due to school closure due to weather. Teachers will be expected to work 10 days between May 22 and June 30, working summer hours 9:15 a.m.-2:45 p.m. Monday – Friday. It will be expected that they contribute to the goodness of the school or further their professional development. If they choose to be paid $25/hour for summer school, they will need to arrange to make up their 10 days after summer school is over. Available leave may be used. They need to submit their plan to Principal Peterson by May 1. Motion carried.
Adjournment: MOTION by Tlustos, second Schommer to adjourn the meeting at 7:12 p.m. Motion carried.
Attested to by CEO/Superintendent Stone
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Published: May 25, 2023

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