Proceedings_Edgemont School District May 8, 2023


Edgemont School District 23-1
May 8, 2023
The Edgemont School District 23-1 board of education met in regular session on Monday, May 8, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. in the Edgemont School Library. Chairman Darrow called the meeting to order with members Susan Humiston, Shane Miller, Justin Printz and Dustin Ross present.
Administration present: Amy Ferley, Superintendent/Sped Admin., Barry Scott, Principal/AD/Transportation Mgr. and Diane Stevens, Business Manager
The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
Motion by Miller seconded by Ross to approve the agenda with the following change: Under VI. New Business – strike out C. Extracurricular Assignments and J. Climate Control Contract.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Printz to approve the April 11, 2023 minutes.
There were no conflicts of interest declared by the board.
Motion by Miller seconded by Ross to go into executive session pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(1) to discuss personnel matters and SDCL 1-25-2(4) negotiations at 8:04 p.m.
The board came out of executive session at 8:17 p.m.
The financial reports were reviewed.
RECEIPTS AND CASH BALANCES - April 2023: GENERAL FUND Receipts: Taxes $34,436.93; Interest $1,672.39; Admissions $102.76; Other Pupil Activity Income $125.00; County Apportionment $995.09; State Aid $23,142.00.
Balance 04/01/23 - $471,257.20. Total Receipts $60,474.17; April Claims $154,762.12; Balance 04/01/23- $376,969.26.
CAPITAL OUTLAY Receipts: Taxes $16,067.75.
Balance 04/01/23 - $1,709,949.43. Total Receipts $16,067.75; April Claims $73.72; Balance 04/30/23 $1,725,943.36.
SPECIAL EDUCATION Receipts: Taxes $10,962.34.
Balance 04/01/23- $1,687.58. Total Receipts $10,962.34; April Claims $32,807.94; GL Adjustment $5,105.41; Balance 04/30/23 ($20,158.02).
FOOD SERVICE Receipts: Sales to Pupils $1,604.49; Sales to Adults $327.10; Ala Carte Sales $432.60; Misc Revenue .90; Federal Reimbursement $4,470.66.
Balance 04/01/23- ($12,486.09). Total Receipts $6,835.75; April Claims $11,820.55; GL Adjustment $681.22; Balance 04/30/23 – ($16,789.67)
Motion by Printz seconded by Ross to approve payment of claims as presented.
May Claims: General Fund: Elementary Payroll, Payroll, 47,141.61; High School Payroll, Payroll, 27,845.82; Title Payroll, Payroll, 5,353.17; Guidance Salaries, Payroll, 4,617.75; Library Salaries, Payroll, 1,873.46; Technology Salaries, Payroll, 4,547.92; Principal Salaries, Payroll, 7,715.66; Superintendent Salaries, Payroll, 8,469.40; Business Office Salaries, Payroll, 6,963.68; Maintenance Salaries, Payroll, 8,479.65; Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Salaries, Payroll, 57.96; Bus Salaries, Payroll, 134.25; Boys Athletic Salaries, Payroll, 234.71; Girls Athletic Salaries, Payroll, 234.71; Co-Curricular Transportation, Payroll, 1039.26; Co-Curricular Salaries, Payroll, 4002.30 Amazon Capital Services, High School Supplies, 25.38; Black Hills Energy, Electricity, 3,231.58; City of Edgemont, Water/Sewer, 213.72; Dollar General, k-12 Supply, 21.03; Golden West Telecommunications, Telephone, 442.04; Hauge, Vickie, Mileage paid to Parents, 268.80; Herff Jones, Inc., High School Consumable Supply, 198.24; Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, PC, Legal - Purchased Services, 536.40; Mark’s Plumbing, Maintenance Supply, 214.16; Menard’s, High School Consumable Supply, 343.00; Nelson’s Oil & Gas, Inc., Building Fuel, 3,705.00; Performance Food Service, Fruits/ Veggies for FFVP, 357.70; Pioneer Manufacturing Company, Boys Athletic Supplies, 972.45; Printz, Melody, Mileage paid to Parents, 147.84; Quill Corporation, Elem, HS & Office Supplies, 411.16; Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center, Business Office Travel, 230.92; Ranchers Feed & Supply, Inc., Maintenance Supply, 109.31; Renwick, Angie, Mileage paid to Parents, 55.44; Rhodes, April, Mileage paid to parents, 201.60; Sander Sanitation Service, Garbage Removal, 306.73; Scherer Publishing, LLC, School Board Publishing, 270.50; School Administrators of SD, Superintendent Travel, 88.00; Simmons, Savanna, Mileage paid to Parents, 756.00; Stevens Automotive, Co-Curricular Transportation Supply, 42.50; Tancony Corporation, Maintenance Supplies, 167.73; Time Management Systems, Inc., Business Office Purchased Services, 177.00; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, Co-Curricular Dues, 125.00; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, Co-Curricular Activities, 250.00; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, Postage, 96.69; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, Co-Curricular Registration, 150.00; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, Co-Curricular Registration, 100.00; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, Fuel for Vehicles, 170.76; First Interstate Bank, Business Office Purchased Services, 29.20; Vanway Trophy, Co-Curricular Supplies, 1,225.00; Wellmark, May Health Insurance, 17401.40; WEX BANK, Fuel for Vehicles, 482.86; General Fund Total: 162,236.45
Capital Outlay: Hauff Mid-America Sports, Co-Curricular Equipment, 108.85; Skyline Engineering, Engineering Services, 5,104.00; Capital Outlay Total: 5,212.85
Special Education: Special Education Teachers, Payroll, 17,180.20; Special Education Classified Staff, Payroll, 4,611.21; Change Healthcare, 42.29; Monument Health, Special Education - OT, 1,209.68; Small Talk Speech Therapy, Inc., Special Ed Speech Therapy, 2,385.00; Wellmark, May Health Insurance, 1,491.60; Special Education Total: 26,919.98
Food Service Fund: Food Service, Payroll, 4,407.49; East Side Jersey Dairy, Food Service Purch Food, 451.32; Nelson’s Oil & Gas, Inc., Food Service Fuel, 97.50; Performance Food Service, Food for FFVP(Local), 3,362.10; Ranchers Feed & Supply, Inc., Food Service Repair, 18.95; Wall Meat Processing, Food Service Purchased Service, 642.38; Wellmark, May Health Insurance, 650.00; Food Service Fund Total: 9,629.74
Total to Checking: 203,999.02
Mrs. Stevens and Mr. Scott & Mrs. Ferley gave their administrative reports.
The maintenance report was reviewed.
The transportation report was reviewed.
Mrs. Humiston gave the Black Hills Special Services report.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Ross to table the YMCA MOU.
Motion by Darrow seconded by Ross to approve accept the resignation of Betsy Haskvitz as a middle school Head Volleyball Coach effective immediately.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Miller to accept the resignation of Susan Ostenson as a Title 1 elementary teacher, effective at the end of this contract year.
Motion by Miller seconded by Printz to approve the contract with Monument Health Network dba Monument Health Custer Hospital for occupational therapy services for the 2023-2024 school year.
Motion by Printz seconded by Humiston to declare 10 laptop computers as surplus and donate them to the graduating seniors.   HP ProBook x360 11 G5 or G7 – Serial #5CG03294X7, 5CG032951T, 5CG1344XHZ, 5CG03294QZ, 5CG03294W2, 5CG03294RH, 5CG03294WR, 5CG03294R4, 5CG03294RC, 5CG032951R
Motion by Humiston seconded by Miller to pass Resolution 23-01, Authorizing Membership in the South Dakota High School Activities Association
Motion by Miller seconded by Ross to table the boiler contracts.
Motion by Miller seconded by Printz to table the track proposal from Pro Track and Tennis, Inc.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Miller to approve the contract with AEL(Access Elevators and Lifts Inc).
It is noted that the Edgemont School Board had one – two-year term and one – three-year term School Board Vacancies for 2023.  The District’s intent was to combined its election with the City of Edgemont on April 11, 2023. However, the incumbent and one other candidate were the only two petitions that the School District received so no election was held on April 11, 2023. Dustin Ross will retain his position for the next two years and Samuel Whitney will take his position on the Edgemont School Board for the next 3 years. Their new term will begin on July 1,2023.
The board reviewed the 2022-2023 Preliminary Budget.

Motion by Miller seconded by Printz to adjourn the meeting at 9:49 p.m.
Diane Stevens, Business Manager
Gary Darrow, Chairman
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Published: May 25, 2023

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