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Ridge Road District
Minutes of the annual meeting of the Ridge Road District, Angostura Lake, South Dakota held May 2, 2023, for the year ending August 31, 2022. In attendance were Curt & Kelley Bilbrey, Dan & Kathy Garrett, Bob & Ria Airheart, Mark Siebenthal, Ron Rosane, Kelsey Peterson, Kevin & Kathy Haberstroh, Jason & Misti Cantrell, Misty Froseth and Dale Schuelke.
The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by President, Curt Bilbrey. The first order of business was the approval of the prior year’s annual meeting minutes. Dan Garrett noted a correction to the minutes relating to the total special assessment request listed at $13,600. The corrected amount should be $12,600. After this correction, Misty Froseth moved the minutes be approved with a second by Jason Cantrell. The motion was approved unanimously.
Dan Garrett then presented the financial statements for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2022, and for the current fiscal year ending April 13, 2023. It was noted that the current bank balance amounts to $747.19 with a deposit of $7,701.48 expected from the county and seven bills totaling $7,442.34 paid at this point leaving a cash balance of $1,006.33. Misti Cantrell moved for approval with a second from Dale Schuelke. The motion passed unanimously.
The tax levies for 2023/24 were presented by Dan Garrett. In the prior year, the special assessment levy had been for $12,600 and tax levies of $1,875.00. Dan Garrett reported that he had received an itemized listing of all properties assessed the special assessment in the prior year. This listing included 70 parcels that were assessed the $200 for the prior year. The levy amount will increase by the 3% growth rate to $1,931.25 making a total request of $15,931.25 for the next fiscal year. All members in attendance agreed that the special assessment should remain at $200 per site. The special assessments will therefore amount to $14,000. Ron Rosane questioned the assessment of all trailer park homes being his responsibility which resulted in discussion of the District’s procedure whereby he is assessed for all trailers and then be his responsibility to collect this assessment in the rent process. Dan Garrett responded to this request by reading a letter mailed to Gary Wolff on July 16, 2015 which explained the state’s contention that we could not assess the trailer park owners through the county treasurer as they don’t own the land the trailer’s sit on which is counter to State law. Kevin Haberstroh moved that we accept the request for $15,931.25 and Misti Cantrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
Mark Siebenthal discussed the prior year’s work on flattening the steep rise on the road. Dale Schuelke had offered his equipment and one man to do this work at minimal cost to the District. All members of the District expressed their thanks for this gesture. Road work in this fiscal year will consist mainly of preparing and seeding the side hills on both sides of the road. Dale Schuelke offered to provide a seeding machine to accomplish this task and wait to receive payment until the District has the required funds. Additional gravel will need to be ordered and applied as the road is getting “thin” in spots. Dale Schuelke will also look at a mag water treatment in this fiscal year to reduce the dust. Curt Bilbrey discussed the use of millings on the Ridge Road and will research and communicate his findings in more detail in the future. Dan Garrett reported to the attendees as to the findings regarding the opt out provision of the levy system as well as the prior year valuations and mill levy assessment. As prior year expectations had assumed a $15,000 per year cost to maintain the road, the current tax requests totaling $15,931.25 should accomplish this goal and no opt out will be necessary.
Nominations for the third seat on the board were opened. Curt Bilbrey was nominated to once again serve on the board for a three year term. The vote was unanimous that he remain on the board.
Curt Bilbrey expressed his desire that there be more communication between members of the board as well as members of the District. All in attendance agreed with the need for good communication.
Misti Cantrell moved for adjournment of the meeting with a second by Kevin Haberstroh. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.
Dan Garrett, Treasurer
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Published: May 18, 2023

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