Proceedings_Hot Springs School District February 13, 2023


Hot Springs School District No. 23-2
1747 Lincoln Ave, Hot Springs, SD 57747
President Ryan Walz called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, February 13, 2023, with the following members present: Colby Williams, Nikki Shaw, Katie Burchfield, Brian Jarding, Petra Wilson, and Robert J Preuss. Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Fischer, Business Manager Bilbruck, Principal Karn, Athletic Director Deming, staff and community members and others logged in as guests.
23.148 Approval of Agenda – Motion by Member Shaw, second by Vice President Williams. Motion carried 7/0.
23.149 Public Participation – Community member Wendy Connell addressed the board regarding 504 policy and truancy chain of command within the school district.
23.150 Conflicts Disclosure – None.
23.151 Presentations – None.
23.152 BHSSC Report – Member Burchfield reported on behalf of the committee they discussed the audit and a Family Engagement Program.
23.153 Committee Reports – Activities: Vice President Williams reported on behalf of the committee matters of eligibility for extracurricular activities, recording grades in a timely manner and bussing issues across the State; Bldg/Grounds: Superintendent Fischer discussed the construction meeting with RCS Construction and Action Mechanical, material staging area, and scheduling another meeting soon; Curriculum – None; Finance & Negotiations – Superintendent Fischer stated when legislation ends the negotiations meeting will begin. Also, meeting with Benefit Health Advisors regarding next year’s health insurance contract; Food Service – Member Wilson reported that the committee met and discussed we will be receiving round 2 and 3 of Supply Chain funds, the grant for the new dishwasher was approved for around $7,000, and next week the Bison Bar will be offered in the Secondary building for lunch; ASBSD/Legislative – Member Shaw reported an update on two school bills introduced. Brett Nachtigall from the local paper mentioned the Cracker-barrel at the Mueller Center on Saturday at 2:00PM; Policy Review – None; Safety & Security – None. President Walz stated the next meeting is scheduled for next week; Technology – Member Jarding discussed the meeting was postponed due to IT Technology Coordinator being out of the district. Superintendent Fischer mentioned the Chromebooks were ordered and will be delivered with free hard cases from RTI Technology; MTSS/Title I – None.
23.154 Consent Agenda – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Shaw. President Walz thanked all of the individuals that made donations. Motion carried 7/0.
Approved minutes of the regular board meeting on January 9, 2023, and the special board meeting on February 6, 2023. Approved unaudited financial reports from January 2023:
General Fund
Beginning Balance: $1,421,609.01
Plus Receipts: $193,098.13
Less Disbursements: $498,140.06
Ending Balance: $1,116,567.08
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: $3,453,030.14
Plus Receipts: $7,429.66
Less Disbursements: $74,454.24
Ending Balance: $3,386,005.56
Special Education Fund
Beginning Balance: $553,561.31
Plus Receipts: $4,674.22
Less Disbursements: $82,015.07
Ending Balance: $476,220.46
Impact Aid Fund
Beginning Balance: $620,901.95
Plus Receipts: $0.00
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $620,901.95
Bond Redemption Fund
Beginning Balance: $1,936,985.87
Plus Receipts: $6,510.55
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $1,943,496.42
Bond Redemption Fund - Shop
Beginning Balance: $3,266,158.20
Plus Receipts: $10,978.19
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $3,277,136.39
Bond Redemption Fund2 -Shop
Beginning Balance: $2,545,000.00
Plus Receipts: $3,868.93
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $2,548,868.93
Food Service Fund
Beginning Balance: $118,697.18
Plus Receipts: $22,443.70
Less Disbursements: $16,152.74
Ending Balance: $124,988.14
Approved the February 2023 claims for payment. Approved the Personal Action Report for February 2023:3X Gear, Supply, 975.00, A & B Welding, Supply, 5.89, Advanced Drug Testing, Service, 52.00, Al Cornella Refrigeration, Lease, 230.00, Alpine Impressions, Supply, 298.20, Amazon, Equipment, 1,414.78, Amazon, Membership, 349.00, Amazon, Supply, 6,722.10, American Inn Of Chamberlain, Travel, 308.00, American Inn Of Madison, Travel, 231.00, Amick Sound, Service, 938.56, Bartels, Shane, Referee, 175.72, Beehler, Joseph, Services, 265.76, Belle Fourche School District, Fees, 175.00, Big D Oil, Travel, 82.75, Black Hills Energy, Utility, 10,585.51, Bhss, Service, 2,011.90, Bluum Of Minnesota, Equipment, 2,675.60, Bomgaars, Supply, 1,393.53, Booth, Brad, Services, 213.20, Borders, Tom, Service, 342.00, Bright White Paper, Supply, 299.00, Bsn Sports, Supply, 647.98, Caseys General, Travel, 195.62, Cash-Wa Distributing, Supply, 20,521.73, Cenex, Travel, 155.99, Century Business Products, Supply, 2,090.24, Changing Seasons Floral, Supply, 101.19, Cheyenne Sanitation, Utilities, 1,438.50, Coffee Cup Fuel, Travel, 59.63, Corner Pantry, Travel, 141.26, Culligan Water, Utilities, 76.00, Cummins, Norman, Service, 200.00, Cuny, Maria, Reimbursement, 31.50, Dakota Link Tech, Software, 1,291.54, Dakota Shell, Travel, 154.48, Dci – Dept Of Criminal Investigation, Services, 86.50, Dennis Hanken, Service, 4,133.20, District 5 Ffa, Fees, 210.00, Dollar General, Supply, 59.00, Driskill, Bobbi, Reimbursement, 120.00, East Side Jersey Dairy, Purchase, 1,662.00, Econo Lodge Belle Fourche, Travel, 825.00, Especial Needs, Supply, 1,216.75, Etuk, Effiok, Service, 59.80, Fall River County Herald, Communication, 469.52, Farrell, Joyce, Service, 915.56, Ferguson, Nicholas, Services, 171.20, First Interstate Bank, Fees, -15.37, Fisher, Dennis, Travel, 12.68, Floyds Truck Center, Repair, 65.12, Foreman Sales & Service, Supply, 396.01,Foshee, Amber, Reimbursement, 79.95,Franke, Chip, Service, 210.32, Friendlys Cenex, Travel, 78.00, Garcia, Beau, Service, 157.24, Gary Brink Inc, Service, 1056.57, Givler, Suzanne, Service, 137.75, Godfrey Brake Service, Service, 46.09, Golden West Technologies, Service, 87.50, Golden West Tele, Service, 1,772.66, Gottlob, Shayne, Services, 105.52, Haggertys Musicworks, Service, 128.90, Hasty Awards, Supply, 149.18, Highland Travel, Travel, 48.15, Hillyard, Supply, 7,266.61, Holiday Inn, Travel, 2,704.00, Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supply, 653.07, Hot Springs Chamber Of Commerce, Membership, 150.00, Hot Springs Pta, Supply 101.83, Hot Springs School District, -10.00, Htp J-1 Visa Program, Fees, 1,867.00, Hustead Law Office, Service, 2,383.00, Jw Pepper & Son, Supply, 50.99, Janis, Ardyn, 10.00, Kleinsasser, Dustin, Service, 680.00, Knight Security, Service, 2,880.00, Lamont, Cheryl, Service, 6,387.50, Lions Club Of Hot Springs, Service, 500.00, Lowe, Eric, Service, 265.76, Lynn’s Dakotamart, Supply, 1,368.41, Macjewski, Tim, Service, 213.24, Mammoth Cleaners, Service, 4,025.34, Mammoth Site, Fee, 29.90, Marks, Willie, Service, 102.60, Maverick Tire And Auto, Repair, 96.75, Menards, Supply, 1,267.91, Mid-American Research Chemical, Supply, 1,225.23, Muller Joseph, Service, 766.80, Muth Electric, Repair, 20,221.26, National Ffa, Supply, 388.50, Nelson’s Oil & Gas, Utilities, 54,570.77, North Central Bus, Supply, 187.21, Northland Trust, Debt, 72,187.50, Pepsi-Cola Of The Black Hills, Supply, 4,078.75, Prairie Hills Transit, Service, 130.00, Presho General Oil, Travel, 100.00, Prince, Larry, Service, 120.00, Rcs Construction, Service, 167,779.27, Rapid City Area Schools, Fees, 150.00, Rapid City Central High School, Fees, 500.00, Rapid City Christian Schools, Fees, 40.00, Rasmussen Mechanical, Repairs, 2,254.17, Rhoe, Kelli, Purchase, 69.54, Riverside Technologies, Service, 2,400.00, Rodriguez, Domico, Service, 104.80, Rosenbaum Signs, Supply, 1,989.17, Rushmore Communications, Service, 75.00, Sarringar, Tyler, Service, 131.20, Savvas Learning, Supply, 249.98, Schmaltz, Allan, Services, 100.84, Sd Dept Of Human Service, Service, 1,470.81, Selan, Brenda, Service, 6,012.50, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Service, 794.97, Simon Materials, Supply, 22.39, Sonny’s Super Food, Supply, 168.70, Stanley Co Schools, Fees, 125.00, Strategic Educational, Service, 4,000.00, Study.Com, Subscription, 31.94, Sturdevant’s Auto Parts, Supply, 85.99, Tie, Online Learning, 1,862.50, Time Equipment Rental, Rental, 79.07, Travelers, Insurance, 7,459.00, Twisted Apparel, Supply, 104.54, U-Line, Supply, 750.66, Upper Deck Architects, Service, 3,840.00, Ups, Postage, 8.00, Us Post Office, Postage, 9.00, Van Bibber, Daniel, Reimbursement, 226.47, Vande Stroet, Mellisa, Travel, 18.00, Voegele, Timothy, Service, 104.80, Watters, Jace, 20.00,Webb, Dylan, 30.00, Western Psychological, Supply, 60.00, Westinghouse, Stephanie, Services, 10,206.00, Westside Carwash, Service, 400.00, White, Tanna, Travel, 59.95, Winner School District, Fees, 100.00, Wohlenberg Ritzman & Co, Services, 10,576.83, Wuertzer, Royce, Service, 106.24, Yesway, Fuel, 44.74, Zeptive, Supply, 149.00.
23.155 Approval of Open Enrollment Requests – Motion by Vice President Williams, second by Member Wilson to approve the open enrollment requests from non-district students. Motion carried 7/0.
23.156 Approval of 2023-24 School Calendar – Motion by Member Preuss, second by Vice President Williams. Superintendent Fischer mentioned the committee of three teachers and two administrators sent out a survey on the Christmas break and parent teacher conferences. Based on the survey, it was decided two weeks at Christmas and balancing out 1st and 2nd semester with professional development days. Motion carried 7/0.
23.157 Approval to Open a Trust & Agency – Motion by Member Preuss, second by Member Shaw to open a Trust and Agency account for the Native American Youth Group. Motion carried 7/0.
23.158 Approval to Reclass Funds – Motion by Member Wilson, second by Member Shaw to transfer the balance of $225.00 in Fund 76 for Fine Arts Scholarship to Fund 71 Fine Arts Boosters per their request. Motion carried, 7/0.
23.159 Approval to Surplus Fixed Assets - Motion by Member Jarding, second by Vice President Williams. Motion carried, 7/0.
23.160 Approval of Policies on 1st Reading – Motion by Member Shaw, second by Member Preuss. Per Board Policy BFGA, January is designated for review of Review Policy Book Section H – Negotiations. No language changes are recommended at this time in that section. The Policy Committee recommends approval of the adoption of Policy JAD – School Bus Routes and JADA – Transportation for Rural Resident Students and a review of policies GCK – Professional Staff Work Load and GCJ – Professional Staff Time Schedules on 1st Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
23.161 Approval of Policies on 2nd Reading – Motion by Member Preuss, second by Member Shaw. The Policy Committee recommends approval of the adoption of Policy DIDA – Fixed Asset Capitalization on 2nd Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
23.162 Administrator Remarks – Activities Director Deming reported that Regions for basketball will be starting soon with boys’ basketball an away game and the girls’ game at home; Gymnastics did well at State and broke the school record at 135.650 and tied for 3rd at State; Band competition will be on Wednesday with solo and ensemble; and wrestlers will go to Regions this week. Principal Karn joined the meeting online and reported to the board Spring Family Night will be in April; Bison Interest Day will also be in April; Teachers will be presenting Caring under the Character Counts program. Principal Klinkhammer reminded everyone that tonight and tomorrow are parent teacher conferences in the Tays; teachers have begun building project-based units this past in-service on February 10th; Region 8 Music competition is on Wednesday; and the Arts department will be presenting a musical on March 16th – 18th. Business Manager Bilbruck updated the board on the donated beef to the district currently being processed; Homeland Security grant to be submitted this week; FY24 budget will begin this month meeting with Principals; and the FY22 Expenditure Data & Rankings report. Superintendent Fischer mentioned February 20-24 is School Board Recognition week and thanked the board for their service; interviewing for the open counselor position; and discussed the school profile for FY22.
23.163 Executive Session – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Vice President Williams to enter into Executive Session at 6:46 p.m.
23.164 Out of Executive Session at 8:01 p.m.
23.165 Governing Board Remarks – Member Preuss stated the Mammoth Site now has Bison apparel for purchase and a portion of the proceeds will go to the STEM Club. President Walz thanked the board for their service.
23.166 Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Preuss to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m. Motion carried 7/0.
Wendy Bilbruck, Business Manager
Ryan Walz, School Board President
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Published: March 23, 2023

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